Do You Think ExJWs Go To The Other Extreme When They Leave The Organization

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  • Jim_TX

    I don't think that I went 'boing' (using Blondie's analogy) when I left... I till don't smoke, don't drink that often - never did - I may cuss a bit more, now...

    Although, I _did_ grow a beard for 6 months...

    I like the 'calculator' analogy... let's change that a bit. Wherever they use the word 'calculator', let's replace it with 'pencil' and see how it reads.

    "For one thing, having a pencil is going to involve some money, time and attention. How much would you use it? In your case the few occasions when you would really be helped by having a pencil might not justify the cost, even with the recent low prices."

    "Also, it will take you some time to learn how to use a pencil. You will have to think about repairs if it breaks. And what about getting erasers for it periodically if it is of the type that requires such?"

    Really sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Hmmm... *thinking to self* one could also replace the word 'calculator' with 'dildo'... oops! Sorry. Did I type that outloud?


    Jim TX

  • LovesDubs

    Oh...I forgot!! The day after my disassociation was announced, I put my baby in the car and drove to the gas station and BOUGHT CIGARETTES!! ( I had smoked for two whole years in like 1983 LOL!)

    It was January in Illinois but I didnt care...I opened the window lit one of those suckers up inhaled, damn near died and exhaled out the window towards the busy road just PRAYIN some Dub would see me. LOL! After I about coughed a lung up, I realized the smoke was going towards my baby in his seat so I threw it out. I stashed the pack in the back of the freezer and there they remained for like 6 months LOL! Then I found them and threw them out.

    My big step towards RUNNING AMOK IN THE WORLD! Damn Im pathetic LOL!

  • blondie
    You got that "spring held too tightly" illustration from the WTBTS

    You have to remember that the WTS is hardly ever original and stole this from some other source. Actually, the first time I heard it was in a class on alcohol abuse and the wisdom of forbidding all alcohol to teenagers. I grew up in a German environment where they did not have all these laws re teenage drinking. Also again at a class on recently divorced people and the danger of flipping out.

    I remember a couple of other occasions in my juvenile court officer days.


  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    OK. Blondie

    I should have known better than to challenge the master referencer of all time. I bow to your superior sources.


    ps: My father used to agree with the principle of letting teenagers drink a little at home so it wouldn't be a big deal to sneak alcohol and go crazy like some teens did. I guess it worked, because we never thought drinking was any big deal when we were kids.

  • minimus

    BLONDIE, YOU were a juvenile court officer??? It all makes sense now.....

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