Anyone still have friends in the org that they speak with?

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  • Highlander

    Whatever you do, just be careful in how you present yourself and what you say to these friends that you want to educate.

    I had a friend that was an inactive j-dub,, he'd been inactive for years. I finally discussed with him everything I know to be true about the WT and how I feel about it.

    I never heard from him again after that. I guess he's a inactive 'true believer'. Thankfully, he doesn't know any of my family or the local j-dubs as he lives out of state. Otherwise

    I'd probably be looking at a JC from the local pharisees.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    No. I grew up in a small rural hall, and all the kids I knew then moved away. After I got married we moved around a bit, went to several different halls, different cities, and by the time I started to fade, distanced myself from everyone to make it easier to just slip away.


  • Country_Woman

    I did fade away, so yes, there are maybe 6 people who I am talking to.

  • Insomniac

    There are two people who still talk to me- a married couple with strong apostate tendencies of their own. For family reasons, they have not left yet, but they act very much as though they'd like to. By tacit agreement, we never discuss religious matters when we hang out, nor do I say anything about my personal habits that would make them feel guilty about not turning me in to the elders. Other members of my old cong are shunning me to an extreme degree, which leads me to believe that I may have been disfellowshipped in absentia. I have not asked my friends, nor have they ever mentioned it to me. I also have a brother who's married and has a kid, who used to talk to me, but I haven't heard from them in over a year, so that may be over as well.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I sort of have, though she is a fader and probably about to face a jc, so I imagine she'll be an ex jw like me soon.

    As for all the other "friends" I had before I da'd, the only one who still speaks is someone I work with, and she has to speak to me occasionally, otherwise I'm sure she'd totally ignore me like the rest of them do.

  • justsomedude

    There are still a few. By and large I'm shunned despite the fact that I have done nothing wrong expect failing to attend the 5 weekly indoctrination sessions and I'm not hocking their drivel door to door.

    The people that I still hear from sometimes are in halls other than my old one.

  • looking_glass

    Actually I have a number of friends who are not DF'd and faded as well as strong JWs. But my friends have all had their ebbs and flows w/ the religion, so they are not preachy when it come to me. The ones I went to NY w/ are all active JWs and we did have a rather lengthy convo regarding the King of the North and King of the South. I did not know that JWs had changed their mind about who this was and when I said well give it 20 years and that will change as well, everyone laughed and agreed. So it just depends on how black & white your friends approach to life is. My friends are pretty open minded.

  • buffalosrfree

    I thought I did, but found out that he and her were just as conditional as the rest of them, haven't spoken with him since and won't will let this so called friendship dissapte into the wind and dry right up. I believe threre is no such thing as a real friend with the witnesses. Especially if you have left or become real inactive. buff

  • free2beme

    Several. The people I was friends with as a Witness, were never really all that hard core and they really don't give a crap about all that active, not active gray area.

  • anewme

    I still exhange emails about once a month with my ex. He has my other dog (my little love) and he has all the nieces and nephews. Im sure he both misses me and curses me in his heart at his family get togethers when all the little cute people are about playing. We enjoyed our nephews and nieces so much!
    So now he sends me pics of them via email and tells me family news and pics of the dog and house and garden. I really appreciate this kindness and it reinforces my belief that if the Watchtower Society had not interfered and publicly dfd me, my marriage would have survived and be intact today.
    We would have forgiven each other and resolved our troubles as people do in the world and still be married.

    I have remarried and now cannot undo this tangled knot.

    However I have consulted with the Most High my God and in my heart received an answer most comforting.

    "Dont worry, be happy. I still love you. And I'll take care of your ex."

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