Baptized July 05. Left Dec 05.

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    Welcome moomin!

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    Welcome, Moomin!!!

    5 months from baptism to escape is a record you should be proud of.

    You are smarter than I was. It took me almost 16 years to figure out that the Watchtower is a big LIE.

  • parakeet

    Such a relatively short exposure to JWs will probably minimize any long-term damage to you. But I'm sure the disappointment you felt when you saw through the WTS lies was as deep as any here have experienced.

  • MinisterAmos

    Almost sounds like you were a victim of the dreaded 9/1/05 Menonite WT study that condemned the Menonites for shunning their excomm. members.

    Bastahds! How dare those bearded fanatics do something like that!!

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    Welcome Moomin !

  • Moomin

    Thank you all for being so welcoming.

    My husband is really pleased that I have left. He has already been posting on here under the name skeptic2. He came with me to the convention on the morning I got baptised. He said he had never felt so insulted in all his life and he felt sorry for the children.

    That afternoon when he had gone, the speaker told everyone to be careful of their belongings as not everyone there were Jehovah's Witnesses! I was glad he didn't have to hear that.

    Towards the end of the year I got given a form to sign to state that I wouldn't accept blood. They handed it out at the meeting . The PO spoke about the section where you can accept the different fractions as a matter of conscience. He then said that just because its a matter of conscience it doesn't mean its ok?!?!?!?! I was really fuming by that comment, it was like emotional blackmail. I felt like God had given us free will but the WT took it away. I knew in my heart of hearts I wasn't going to sign it as with other WT interpretations of scripture, this one seemed kind of flakey and I wasn't prepared to end my life and ruin the lives of my loved ones. At times I felt ashamed of myself for feeling this way as others spoke about it with such ease even regarding their own children. I wondered if they were all doing the right thing and putting God first but I just couldn't false myself to feel differently.

    I took the form home and put it through the shredder. I told my study conductor's husband in an email how I felt and he basically told me that I need to keep attended the meetings to prove that my seed had not fallen on rocky ground. I asked him who I was proving that to as God knew what was in my heart and to just be present at the KH seemed quite worthless when I was swamped with so many doubts. I recognised from his comment and from his past behaviour that it is all about what the other people see rather than God.

    Theres so many things that I'd like to talk about, I still feel in a state of shock by it all and how it was so condensed within a few months. Iw ill try and keep my posts shorter in future.

    Thanks again for all your replies.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi Moomin,

    Welcome to the forum. You have had a lucky escape. Thank God your brain was turned on.

    You are quite welcome to make as long a post as you like. I enjoyed reading your story.

    Stick around and have some fun.



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    Welcome, Moomin!

    Baptized July 05. Left Dec 05

    Now why couldn't I have done that!

    Enjoy your stay!


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    Welcome to the board!!!

    Is your username a reference to the 80s animation?

    You must have something of a record, there. I wonder if anyone can compete with that!?!!

    Congrats to you and your hubby in escaping and keeping your marriage together throughout the debacle.

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