Public Reproof: What is it? Has it ever happend in your Hall or to you?

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  • plmkrzy

    A couple in my congregation was publicly reproved for fondling each other before they were married. “Conduct unbecoming a Christian” was the official explanation. Allowed to “associate”

    My mother was publicly reproved for getting a divorce, “Conduct unbecoming a Christian” was the official explanation. Allowed to “associate”

    My dad was disfellowshipped for adultery, “Conduct unbecoming a Christian” was the official explanation. Not allowed to “associate” until reinstated.

    There have been lots of people in my congs dfpd and reproved. I've met a few dfpd folks since I left. That's a funny experience to run into someone, strike up a conversation only to find out they were once a jw. That’s happened to me three times now in the past 2 years.

  • Alana

    I was privately reproved once. At first I felt very bad, but then it was more like a vacation from having to be sure I commented and I hated giving talks and speaking in front of an you didn't have the public announcement and people wondering what you did. I enjoyed the lack of pressure and actually never wanted to be off the private reproof. :-)

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Ok I think some of you heard my story about what happend to me back when I was 15, anyway long story short, I was accused of looking at some young sisters breasts, and there was a meeting with Elders, my dad and that girl, her mom and sister.

    I was not baptized, but they still announced that I was bad association for the youth. Is this right?

    Anyway, I was thinking about this, what if you were one who was Public Reproofed, I think it would be really awesome to take out an ad in the paper (one of those free ads) and just explain that you are a member of the JW's and your story and that if you are seen in public you are to be shunned, I think bad press is good press.

  • wonderwoman

    *"Because you were reproved, your "privileges" are removed. You can go out and service and you can talk at the doors."

    Weird... my jc said no talky talky at the door.

    I remember visiting a friend in another state while being PR and at the bookstudy the conducto called on me (no hand up, me zoning out) and asked me a question from the book. It was an awkward moment.

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