Public Reproof: What is it? Has it ever happend in your Hall or to you?

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Reproof is reserved for baptized members . Public is if you did something serious, and others know about it . Private if it is not a threat to contaminate others and no one else knows anything. You lose priveledges in both cases .

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    Do the elders go through the whole JC process when they are considering punshment for an unbaptizes pub?

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Yes. They meet and beat you down just the same . I think the new way they announce things has to do with legality issues since someone unbaptized is not a legal member yet .

  • RichieRich

    I was publicly reproced in March 05. I had to meet wiht a Judicial committee, and only through extensive lying did I "prove" repentance.

    Then, a week later, they announced it. Thats the difference between public reproof and private.

    Private reproof means you did something bad, so they strip you of your dignity, but dont announce it. People figure out in time though.

    Public Reproof means you did something bad, but the congregation knows about it, or you could just be on the elders shit list.

    It was announced to the elders in November 05 though that there is no longer any public reproof. For proof, find yourself an annotated copy of the Pay Attention book.

    I guess this makes it a bigger line between DFing and reproof, so some people will get away with a bit more, some not so much.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Don't know if it's still that way, but 15 years ago when public reproof was given, all you needed to do is attend the meeting a week later and the PO would give a "special needs" talk. The talk would usually be on the subject of morality and our PO would give details so explicit that that it left little to the imagination what the sin was about.

  • Seeker4


    That's interesting - no longer any public reproof. Can anyone substantiate that?

    Actually, you are not "on" public or private reproof - a commonly misunderstood fact. You are privately reproved by the judicial committee reaming you out, or are publicly reproved by an announcement that is made to the congregation at a service meeting. Those events are the reproof - it's not an ongoing thing. Because you were reproved, your "privileges" are removed. You can go out and service and you can talk at the doors. The reproof is a singular, one time event. The lose of privileges goes on for a period of time.


  • RichieRich

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  • done4good
    The reproof is a singular, one time event. The lose of privileges goes on for a period of time.

    True, but you have to "earn" your privleges back. If the elders don't see you at meetings, out on service, etc, the removal of privleges stays in effect.


  • Honesty
    Actually, you can still do service. All of the others apply, though.

    Yessireee Bob.

    You still get to trudge up and down the street offering magazines that preach 'another gospel.'

    If you are well-liked by the elders your 'privileges' could begin to be 'restored' within a couple of months.

    I know one zealous but financially poor brother who didn't start getting any 'privileges' 'restored' to him for almost 2 years.

    Gotta make an example out of sinners, you betcha.

  • Arthur

    I was publicly reproved about 3 years ago for getting involved with a girl I worked with. It only lasted about a month, but they announced it publicly because a sister that I worked with at that same company had heard about it.

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