Why all the hostility toward WTS?

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  • czarofmischief

    The suffering was pretty bad. I was indeed a "loyal" witness and was kicked out when I most needed help and guidance. I was thrown out on my own and became a fairly angry young man with a reduced sense of societal obligation.

    apropos of nothing, I wonder how much violence on the earth is generated by religions that fail to meet spiritual needs of the people?

    In any case, their failure to be the spiritual shepherds they claimed themselves to be, the lie, is what tended to bind my mind to fighting them for a while. I also argued extensively against the elusive e-watchman. But then I guess I found other things to occupy my time. Its hard when they occupy such a large portion of your life and time and then suddenly you have to fill that void with energy and positive things. As it were, the demon is cast out and unless the house of our mind is refilled with other things, it can be repossessed and made worse with things LIKE the original demon. The obsession with destroying the WT can take over a person's life even worse than the WT did.

    In any case, building a new life is hard. But you can manage; forgive the anger in others, it may take them some time to heal.


  • lesterd

    They are reinforceing the reasons they have left. There has been a lot of pain that has come from the society by misleading doctrine. I know I went to prison because of the hardline neutrality stand only to have the idea of non combatant service reversed, others did not have to take the societies stand and go to prison, think of it, the President of the United States was more compasionate than the president of the WTS in that he granted amenesty to those that had to leave the county, and those that had gone to prison for those beliefs, go to prison or get dissfellowshipped. I had been married just 10 months to my loving pioneer wife when I was sentenced to 3 years. I lost her to cancer after 35 years of marriage

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I don't feel any hostility towards any individual jws, not even the gb.What I'm most bitter about is the effect being a jw had on my life. I gave up both my personal and professional ambitions to be a jw.

    Instead of using my qualifications to obtain a worthwhile career, I became a part - time cleaner and, later, a part - time office worker so I would have more time to lure other people into the cult.

    I gave up my boyfriend of 3 years, who I was in love with and hoped to marry and have children with, because he refused to even acknowledge my beliefs.

    So now I'm 47 years of age, never married, although that is in the near future, no children, and it's too late for that to happen now, and all because I was duped into joining a cult because I believed a bullshit promise of a better world in the future.

    Ok, I joined voluntarily at the age of 21, and I blame myself for that. I was gullible enough to believe the bs then, and foolish enough to give up all my original ambitions to chase a dream of a better future.

    For most of the 25 years I associated with the jws, I was too brainwashed to question anything, but when I found out the truth about the crap I'd accepted as truth for so long, I was very angry, to say the least, both with myself for allowing it to happen and with the wts for lying to me all those wasted years.

    I am still angry about that, and probably will be for a long time to come.


  • Kaput

    The WBTS has been able to exploit the desire of honest-hearted individuals who seek a better life along with a better future, which in most people's minds can only be provided by God. Hence the need to use the Bible in their schemes (and not the Koran, the Vedas, etc. as this is a Judeo-Christian based religion). To make a bold statement such as claiming that this is "THE truth" will certainly draw those who DO want THE truth, but only as long as it has the backing of the highest authority in the universe. Hence the religious "hook" by the mind control group of miscreants who have always been operative behind the JW religion and who have no desire to swallow this gobble-dee-gook themselves, but instead have built this organization into a billion dollar empire which continues to feed the remoras who are attached to it e.g. legal and accounting firms, financial advisers, etc. The "powers-behind-the-throne" have been well hidden these past hundred+ years, and the WBTS has certainly done a masterful job of employing semantics and rhetoric in their publications over the decades in order to perpetuate this malicious and deceitful hoax. Do you REALLY think that Freddie Franz wrote all those books himself?

  • IP_SEC

    Ya, ya... there are many reasons but I think in all honesty much of it is fear of Armygedin. The more the WTS is proved wrong the more the fear disipates. If only the WTS could be exposed out of existence, the fear of dying a Joehovers hands would be gone too.

  • done4good
    The more the WTS is proved wrong the more the fear disipates. If only the WTS could be exposed out of existence, the fear of dying a Joehovers hands would be gone too.

    Well said IP_SEC. We need to find a way to do that.


  • Kaput
    The more the WTS is proved wrong the more the fear disipates.

    Proved wrong to who? The blinded R&F? Been there, done that. If only it were that easy.

  • IP_SEC
    Proved wrong to who? The blinded R&F? Been there, done that. If only it were that easy.

    No Kaput, the more stuff that comes out bout all the WTS Bull Shyte, the less fear Xjws have about dying in the big A.

    Why all the hostility toward WTS?

    The R&F arent hoss style toward the WTS...

  • crazyblondeb

    If what is posted by someone here helps just one person escape the clutches of such a stone-hearted cult, then every post is worth the time spent posting. And I know this has already happened. This site has and does serve a purpose bigger than all of us. Alone, we suffer. But together, we can and do heal!


  • Forscher

    Gee Hambreak,
    Its a catharsis for many, I know it is for me! lets face it, we just had to stand there and take it while we were inside! No questioning of anything from up the chain. Anyone above us in the foodchain could get away with anything they did to us. So for some alot of crap built up to the point that it has to come out or else! Through the years some saw only one option, suicide or other forms of self-destructive behavior. Here, we can safely let it out. And many do! Some will probably never be able to get completely past the experience of being in "Gods loving organization". So they'll keep after it!
    Some of the "moles" still in probably need their activities here keeping us informed of what is going on probably need it as a kind of safety valve to stay sane and give them a sense of purpose. So take your pick!

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