Went to a Public Talk and WT Study, after about 5 yrs away.

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  • frankiespeakin


    There was an elder in my old congo who constantly made inappropriate comments regarding my dress and figure. I was 25 and he was 60 something. It creeped me out and pissed me off that I had to spend two hours avoiding him three times a week. My husband told him to leave me alone and quit with the comments. He did.

    Well, I personally think you and your husband went a little overboard. I mean the guy was 60 for god's sake and you were 25. I would have felt foolish if my girlfriend or wife got me got me to go over and talk to the guy. I wouldn't have felt threatened in the least, if I were in your husband shoes, it would have taken a lot complaining and arguements to get me to go talk to the guy.

  • Princess

    No one felt threatened. It was sexual harrassment and my husband had no problem telling him to knock it off.

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