Were dinosaurs part of a pre-Adamic "paradise"?

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  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    That artwork from the Ken Ham (the Australian Xian from Answers in Genesis, and Ark Encounter) book is hilarious.

    Look closely, and you'll see the serpent in the tree has legs, i.e. there was once a walking snake (uh, I guess no one's ever seen a Kimodo dragon, or lizard?). That way the walking serpent could be cursed by YHWH to lose it's legs, and have to crawl on it's belly....

    Obviously that passage is something WTBTS didn't consider when they wrote this:

    Awake 1972 7/8 page 5:

    "Other creatures,’ as “unreasoning animals,” are not capable of conscious or willful sin against God. Hence their death is simply due to natural processes; the general life-span built into their genetic makeup from the beginning.

    SOOOO, if animals are incapable of sin, then why did YHWH curse the "clever" (Hebrew word is 'arum', clever, prudent, even wise) serpent for tricking Adam and Eve?

    Apologetists might back-pedal saying the serpent was possessed by Satan, but that's not helping their case: if so, then why did YHWH punish the animal and Adam and Eve, but not Satan?

    The story and theology are sooooo freakin' goofy, to keep it afloat is like trying to patch holes in a sinking boat...

  • Botzwana

    One of my best friends says that Jehovah created dinosaurs so that we as humans today could have oil. Now I know how ridiculous he is...

  • ziddina

    Crap! Take a look at this - courtesy of "The Sensuous Curmudgeon"...


  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Oh, yeah: with Xian fundamentalism on the rise, Ken Ham et al is creating a vacation tourist destination for Xians, a religious alternative to Disneyland.

    They're building the Ark Encounter not far away, so once they get that built, it'll be a bigger draw. Brainwashing doesn't get a holiday, I guess...

  • ziddina

    OOOO! [Zid is off on a mental fantasy - you have been warned!!]

    Do you know what I would like to see???

    An F5 tornado come along and show all those fundie Christians just how "floatable" their silly pseudo-ark is!!

  • Zordino

    All I can say is........ Only in America would a "Creation museum with a full size Ark be built! Its so Laughable I wanna cry

    Actually, it may be a good thing to have another Ark built just in case big J feels like flooding and subsequently killing 99.9% of all life again.

    Hmm. the whole killing 99.9% of all life thing sounds familiar

  • jws

    I have an ex-JW friend who moved on to The Way International (kinda like JWs in some ways, anti Trinity, etc.). Which then sort of fell apart and I think he continued with a group that used to follow their teachings.

    Anyway, somewhere along the way, he picked up an intersting take on this. He told me there was a verse interpreted something like "and the Earth was without form" and told me it's mis-translated. It should be more like "and the Earth became without form". This was supposed to allude to the fact that there may have been a time on Earth when God created dinosaurs and this was just a pre-historic world. Then God got bored with it all and wiped it clean. Kinda like the flood for dinosaurs.

    I wonder if the angels back then lusted after the dinosaurs and decided to take dinosaur form and mate with them. And thus God was angry and wiped his creation off the face of the earth, setting a precident for the people to come. Although there's also the case of the stars and other planets, which Genesis 1 says were created after the Earth. So he would have had to have those things for dinosaurs, then take them away and create them again for his second creation. I would bet he could even use this theory (removing the sun) to expain away the ice age.

  • VM44

    Remember the dinosaur in the green NWT?

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    ^^^^indelibly imprinted in my brain. . .

  • Nambo

    Those tumours might not necessarily have been from pre-flood dinosaurs, despite what anti-God scientists might want you to belive, there is ample evidence that dinosaurs, (or Dragons as they were called untill the 19th century), didnt die out 65,000,000 years ago, but were know by man and their image recorded as occurs in the follwoing film about Equidorian ancient artifacts.


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