...How Long did You Lurk?...

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  • uninformed

    Welcome JB--(jaguarbass)

    Very interesting first post.

    I lurked here for about 6 months, until I made that fatal decision to QUIT going to the KH. After being a witness since 1961 thats probably pretty fast.

    glad I quit. Couldn't fade though. An elder on a mission from his god made damn sure that I got disfellowshipped. I quit because of the UN-NGO thingy, but I was disfellowshipped for having my own memorial with my family.

    Now where does it say in the Bible you can't do that?


  • Fisherman


    At first, I go so upset reading posts that challenged the wts. but then I thought that there may not be something wrong to have an honest healthy discussion where people expressed how they really felt and not saying beh beh.

  • Fisherman

    You hang in there Jag. Life is hard man. Keep fighting back.


    Theres nothing wrong with debate..Yes,it is good and healthy to express your thoughts freely..Thats why this board is so important,for all of us...Use your chance to post..Toss in a new idea..Get a new point of view..Enjoy your freedom to think for yourself,and post it!.....Now,back to regular Programing.....And the questin is:"How long did you lurk?"..LOL!!...OUTLAW

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