Rules you broke?

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  • Asheron

    I asked elders logical questions.....what was I thinking!!!!

  • wonderwoman

    all of the above. i loved wordly boys (and girls) smoked some, drank a lot, and read up on wicca- secretly fantasizing that i could use my magical powers at the kh. whip some shit around the room at the wt study and watch everyone freak out and beg jah for help.

  • bonnzo

    never an adulterer nor a homosexual. other than that.............

    i never will sleep with a man. i hope i never commit adultery, but i cant promise.

  • Arthur

    Okay, folks. I was really bad. I did some really crazy stuff. Some of the stuff I did was:

    1) I used my flash bulb during one of the dramas.

    2) I used more than one paper towel in the assembly hall restroom.

    3) When a householder out in service asked from behind their door who I was, I didn't tell them I was their neighbor, or that I was a Bible Student; but that I was a JW.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    I pretty much broke all of them at one time or another. The last and most serious was talking to all you evil apostates!


  • wonderwoman

    arthur!! for shame!!

  • CordyC

    Let's see:

    Went to prom, Figured out I was gay and haven't been celibate, Masturbation, Porn, Reading anti-Witness stuff, Missing the main meeting for about 48 out of the 52 weeks in the year, I swear now, My three closest friends are all "worldly," I go to gay bars, I've read "Harry Potter", played "Pokemon" and love "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer." I also have listened to some really graphic comedy- like Margaret Cho- she's wonderful!

    OH- all this and I am still in!

    Though I am not proud of that fact.



  • OpenFireGlass

    how about a list of rules I didn't break?... That would be a much shorter list... lol

  • luna2

    Missed many meetings, read whatever I wanted to, watched (tv and movies) whatever I wanted to, did things with my non-dub family on many occasions, hated service and could not seem to force myself to go out any more than once a week on a regular basis, didn't conduct a regular family study either. Later, as I was fading, spent lots of time online and meeting online (worldly ::gasp::) friends.

  • KW13

    i'm impressed, i got the perfect Apostate role models here!!!

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