Rules you broke?

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  • KW13

    what rules did you find, you couldn't help breaking as a witness?

    I swore sometimes, got me and a mate drunk, copied software e.t.c (caesars things to caesar), celebrated a birthday/christmas or two...went against some stuff we were told not to do in the Young People Ask Book...erm...

    how about you?

  • lostlantern

    I wore my skirts above my knee and got a secret peircing.

  • atypical

    Hung out with df'd people. Even got caught once. Listened to explicit music, watched R movies, got drunk, swore. All of this started while pioneering, and really got going at pioneer school. I learned more crap in two weeks at pioneer school than I had learned all of my life in public school.

  • Nowman

    I was boy crazy in my teens (still am but for my husband these days), so I kissed alot of boys at school. I lead a double life. I snuck and went to a dance at school, got caught, then beaten. I also got in fist fight with my best friend in 7th grade, I went to her house. We swore at each other for awile, then I pushed her down and slapped her. She gets up, starts to come after me, I am backing away, then I grabbed a tree branch to hold onto, and then I knicked her in the chin. Then I started hyperventilating, she offered me some water, and that was it. I went home and thought my parents would not find out. The next day at school, it was the talk of the school. Somehow the teachers found out. This girl and I were called into the principals office and our parents were there to our surprise. I was taken home, and got beat again. By the way, that girl and I were best friends again the next

    Oh, the life of a teenager...


  • stillajwexelder

    Heavy drinking/got drunk; avid interest in politics; masturbated; positions in and out of bed other than missionary; attended the odd strip club; Xmas morning visit my parents; drank and toasted peoples good health; wished people happy birthday/happy new yera; merry xmas; read apostate literature; watched porn on the internet and video/DVD

  • stillajwexelder

    Copied and used software without paying for it etc.

  • Dismembered

    Cussing,(like a drunken sailor), rummaging through files like RichieRich. (lock the damn file cabinet).


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I spoke to a da'd person, despite being threatened by the elders with discipline and later a jc.

    Now I'm living with the same da'd person.

  • Finally-Free
    Copied and used software without paying for it etc.

    That sounds like most of the elders in my hall that had computers. A few got downright nasty when I refused to make copies of my MS-Office and AutoCAD CDs for them. I broke the "no education" rule. I was taking some part time Cisco courses on Saturdays for a couple of months. As punishment, the elders took away all my "privileges". They said that I was showing a "materialistic attitude" by furthering my career. I retaliated by throwing the book study out of my home. Since my "materialistic attitude" was a problem for them I figured they had no right to benefit from the fruits of my "materialistic attitude". W

  • done4good

    Swearing, got drunk, R-rated movies, "liberal" use of software, toasting, gambling in the football pool, and a few others...


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