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  • Sparkplug
    In Out In Out, Shake It Alll About - you do the hockey cokey and yer turn around - thats what its all about! Hooooooooo hokey cokey cokey Hoooooooo hokey cokey cokey Hooooo hokey cokey cokey - knees bend arm stretch Ra Ra Ra Ra!

    Decki - this is because those mad apostates left your house in a mess last months isn't it? Shall I send Little Toe back to tidy up? And whisper curt little admonishings about posting a leaving thread! LOL!

    glad you are here - as always!

    Now that was cute. (as always Crumpet) And sure come on down...bring the whole gang. Lil Toe made me laugh for he is so full of life, and that is refreshing. I could use refreshing right now. No curtness please...(I bet we all have been in a bad spot before, probably more than any of us know about) You don't want to make me cry do ya?

    I'm not now. ; I had a rethinking and I think I will stay. ;"I cant believe I started a goodbye thread! ; WHAT was I thinking?" ;
    Well, glad to hear that! Everyone needs a break - if u need one, take one. Glad you are sticking around. ; Jeff

    In Freddie Murcuries words..."I'm slightly mad!"

  • Sparkplug
    I for one am really glad you're staying.

    Just don't do it thinking you are not loved.

    That makes one...say it again!

    Ian- now you I need to talk to. I always read your post and when I do, I have so much dang emotion in me I can't hardly respond. Some hits way to close to home. With that said, forgive me. I think you have led the most amazing life and are so strong with all that you and your family has had to overcome. Very admirable.



  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    "I for one am really glad you're staying.

  • Crumpet

    Sparky - meeting Ian (Dansk) is quite emotional too - you have something to look forward to!

  • Brigid

    Yes, yes Sparki---Please stay!! pleeeeeaaaaaze????? I know all about having to take breaks. Sometimes it's just too overwhelming with everything that goes on in real life and real time. Take breaks where you need them, but don't say goodbye! I pop in here if nothing else than to welcome new ones stumbling out of the org, bruised and battered thinking there is no life outside but crack addiction and STD's. This site is so important and all of us a stitch in the fabric of a warm welcoming tent of understanding and welcoming.

    Love and Light,


  • Sparkplug
    Love and Light,

    I could use that now.

  • Sparkplug
    Sparky - meeting Ian (Dansk) is quite emotional too - you have something to look forward to!

    I am getting back over there as soon as I can. Been twice and I really wish I had known you all then.

  • Sunspot
    You know when you have those moments that you forget everyone that cares about you? Well I was having one of those


    I hate to admit this, but I have found time and time again that the only people who seem to really CARE about those of us who are former (and hurting) JWs.....are folks like the ones on these boards. No one else can understand all the complexities and emotions tied into what we have come to accepting. No one else (except for other exJWs) can even come close to appreciating all the stuff we are dealing with.

    When I first began my lonely and painful journey "out"....I was totally alone in this. I never even told my hubby what I had discovered and uncovered online on many nights at three o'clock in the morning. As I grew stronger in my convictions and had decided what the hell I was going to "do" with my findings....I used to feel so bad when I realized that after 30 years of JW that point in time.....that now I had only a relatively few friends from a forum like this one. I knew that I couldn't "talk to" anyone of my "JW only" friends, and I knew that once I had taken the necessary steps to make things right in my life---that I would have "zero" friends anyway!

    Those on the forum had seen my transformation, from first posting as a WTS defender---to seeing me AWAKE! UP and see just what I had been duped into following so loyally. They watched the entire process unfold, and helped me to deal with present problems, let me vent and cry to my heart's content, and most of all----they were THERE for me at any time of the day or night.

    Having said this, I do understand the need to separate yourself from the reality of life away from the computer, but as much as I understand the concept, I have yet to reach that point myself, LOL! I owe so much to the kindred souls that have offered me an arm to grab for support, and a shoulder to cry on while trying to steady myself.

    Even recently, this reality of "who is there for me when needed" was proven to me once again, and it wasn't (isn't) the people in my private life as you would expect! Once was the warm and caring folks here and on another forum that I regularly post at. As I said----time and time again, these are the ones who are there to offer whatever they can, whenever they can, and God bless them for all the emotional support that has been given to me.

    I'm SO glad you decided to stick around.



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