Separated and dating a JW

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  • goldenshell

    yesterday i wrote to him with the msn and told him that we couldnt continue like that ,that we cannot base a relashionship on msn ,that i dont believe he wasnt aware of the rules of being intimate (not allowed)coz Jw are very aware of what they can or cannot do ...i told him that he was selfish cause either his way or nothing,i told him that is a waste of time and that he will fool another stupid and another more untill he will get fed up and marry from his own faith (he went mad cause he didnt like the way i pictured him ,he said he is not the type that break hearts and is not true that he is selfish :i asked him what are ure feelings toward me?his answer :i care a lot about you !!???

    He doesnt call , i dont hear him, he finish work and doesnt call (because he gets a lift from a collegue) and doesnt want to be suspicious/when he is home there are the brothers ( i told him that is impossible is always surrounded from someone)no matter how extracrefull he is ,i still dont believe he cannot call @the end he was so upset for mr telling him those things that he said:i dont feel i want to talk i need to take some time /my answer was:as usual ,best thing u can do >to runaway

    so i guess that from his side is over .....and from mine never started :i was just after a ghost

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