Hubbie And I Seen A Ghost!

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  • Legolas

    Yep that's right!

    But I should add that I/we can only say that with about 99.9% certainty.

    Here's what happened....

    I was sitting on the sofa watching tv and hubbie was at the kitchen desk on his computer, anyway, I saw someone out of the corner of my eye standing outside the window (As if they where coming to the door), now I thought that was strange because we can hear people when they approach because our patio stones are just laid there till will get the land finished, so when I turned to focus all my attention to the window there was nothing there, but I have a plant right in front of the window so I thought that they had passed that, so for a sec I focused on the other side of the plant waiting to see who it was...and nothing!

    Keep in mind that most of this happened within fractions of seconds.....So now hubbie stands up and looks out the livingroom window...I say 'What are you doing?'...He said 'I thought I saw someone!'....I said OMG so did I ..So he walks over and opens the door ...and nothing! (There is NO WAY no one could have gotten away that quick)

    And one of the funny things is, is that what we both saw was 'blury' like we can't say what their features were only that they had light brown to sandy colored hair and hubbie said that they had on a blue button up shirt!

    Oh well...if he hangs around, he better pay rent!..LOL

  • Mary
    ...He said 'I thought I saw someone!'....I said OMG so did I ..So he walks over and opens the door ...and nothing! (There is NO WAY no one could have gotten away that quick)

    Oh now come know full well that a Dub who was given a divine revelation that there were 'postates inside could get away that quick.

    Seriously though....have you had any other encounters? (I'm talking with ghosts, not Dubs)

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee



  • fullofdoubtnow

    That's really spooky, especially as you both saw this person. Keep us posted if you have any more encounters.

  • Finally-Free

    I've had similar things happen here, and it turned out to be the guy who delivers flyers. Once it was the meter reader. There's a very brief instant where they should pass out of my range of vision as they pass my front porch as they cut across my lawn, and sometimes they don't reappear. It's all in the angles, and a small blind spot caused by a window frame. When I look out the door I can't see them anywhere, but if I walk to the end of the driveway I see them cutting across other properties. Some of these guys are very fast, but they're not ghosts.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    A local businessperson that I know fairly well had a very similar experience with a ghost she dubbed 'Dorothy'.

    She saw someone approach her front door thru the corner of her eye, and when she focused directly they were not there [two of them I think]. Her husband opened the door and no 0ne was around. She had a couple other experiences with that ghost too, but that one reminds me of yours.

    Keep us up to date.


  • KW13

    how odd!

    keep us posted on that, you may need to call the ghostbusters (elders enough to get rid of anything)

  • freetosee

    Did you happen to call this company?


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    My wife and I honeymooned in Niagara Falls, the first night in our hotel room she was asleep and I was alseep next to her, she started freaking out and said that someone was sitting on the bed next to her, she thought it was me but when she reached out no one was there and then when she touched me on the other side of her I was there and when she started screaming, whatever it was got up.

    The next night we were half asleep and it was about 2 or 3 am both of us heard someone walking across the hotel room, and come sit on the bed, we both heard the foot steps and felt the bed move.

    We fell asleep WAY later with the TV on, and about 9 am I awoke because I felt someone standing over me. I jumped up off the bed and she woke up too.

    We went to the lobby and asked if we could change rooms, and not wanting to look like a nut I just asked for a better more expensive room, when we walked inside my wife took out her cross and said "Any spirts in here leave us alone we are on our honeymoon OK! " I thought that was cute of her.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I actually have another storie about Ghosts

    When I was 25 I spent a month in Ireland, what a beautiful country, anyway I stayed at the Harding Hotel, in Dublin, next to this hotel is Christ Church Cathedral, very old and beautiful church, I love old buildings and churches, I took lots of photographs and even brought my video camera inside and walked around the church for a couple hours, while in there I started feeling sick, not like a cold or flu but more like depression and no energy, the longer I stayed in the worse it got, I felt dark and cold, and a bit like life wasn't worth living anymore, and I started to have an empty feeling inside me like everyone I knew just died. After a while I left the church and went to the store across the street and got a soda and a chocolate bar, after I ate it I felt a bit better and I starte walking away from the church as fast as possible and felt better then suddenly it was all gone, I was kind of freaked out because I never experianced something like that.

    I understand that church has a pretty dark history of bodies stored in there during some kind of epidemic, and that some members of some political party were killed there, I can't remember all about this church but if anyone knows please respond,

    That is not the most amazing part, When I got home I was showing my video of all the places I went while in Dublin to a few friends, I had the sound up pretty loud and when the part came up when I was in the Church, I didn't notice at first but one of my friends said what is that moaning, who is crying? I turned the volume up to the max and sure enough there was crying and moaning on the tape, in fact it was very loud, some parts of the tape it was too loud, I told them the church was quiet while I was inside in fact at one part you can hear me whispering to some lady there asking about something inside the church. I told my friends about the weird thing that happend to me while in the church about the feelings I had and how affected I was, one said that some people can pick up on tragic events of the past and that I was probably feeling what happend there a long time ago.

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