Hey - first time here

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  • plmkrzy

    Welcome Megan!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi Megan and welcome to the forum.

    So you went to a convention? That's more than I did this year, I don't miss much about being a jw, and I was "in" for 25 years, but I think the district convention is probably the one I miss least of all.

    My bf and I will be at the Apostacurry event, so I look forward to meeting you and Karl there.


  • done4good

    Welcome Megan!


  • kimoko

    Ahhh Cool Linda ^__^ I was a little scared when karl asked me about it coz im a little shy around new people lol! But 25 years wow and i was complaining after 7 hours of it ^_^

    And hey J ^__^

    Arwen i hope i can be a big help :)and yea ill be sure to post the things its nothing amazing just my scope of the very long day ^__^

    Strange worldeth indeed Chris i like it here its nice a friendly and is burstin with fun haha :) be sure to stay :p
    plmkrzy hello to you too wooo i like bein rebelious with colour so out of the box even though im editing and it wont let me so conforming gah fine! :D

  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board Megan!

  • Crumpet

    Hiya Meagan - lovely to have you here - as soon as I saw your age and that you were oop north I wasgoing to mention karl might be near you and be a good friend - didnt realise you'd already be sitting next to him!! LOL! Looking forward to your captains convention log - be very interesting!

    Hope to meet you in Manchester in October? Has a date been set for the Aposta-Curry then?

  • poppers

    Hello kimoko, and welcome to JWD.

  • KW13
    Hope to meet you in Manchester in October? Has a date been set for the Aposta-Curry then?

    she'll be going to the aposta-curry - as far as i am aware thatll be in October but no exact date is set yet.

  • wonderwoman

    welcome megan!
    just joined meeself matie.
    very interested as well to get your take on the ASSembly.
    i can't imagine ever going to another one of those. i dreamt i did the other night. i couldn't find a seat and finally sat next to george clooney. go figure.

  • wonderwoman

    i wanna go to the apostacurry. whaaaa.

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