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  • kimoko

    Hello i am megan tis my first time here (hence the title :) ) so i just thought i would introduce myself.

    I've never actually never been actually been a Jehovahs Witness but i first actually got introduced to it in January when i met the amazing KW13 haha :) Since then ive looked at books, articles and had a wonderous time on the friday of the 2006 3 day JW convention lol

    I'm trying to help karl get his mum out of the witnessing, hopefully we can get through its not gonna be easy but we are optimistic. Its been a real difficult time for me trying to understand the Witnessing because it went from 16 years of just knowning them as them people who bother you at your door to getting to know alot more and their "morals". Of course i dont accept them but i understand and feel sorry for the lies in which so many are wrapped up in. I went to the Convention hoping to understand Karl abit more and it was just a awaking in how serious and full of lies it actually is, it was brainwashing and really wore me down emotionally. Ive like wrote a big log i guess about the day with all the talks which when i get home i will happily post if anyone is interested :)

    So yea Hello

  • KW13

    yo megan, good to see you joined (although your sat next to me right now).

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Welcome Megan, to the forum.

    Any education about the style of brain-control used by this group is worth having. You might save a life or two in time.

    I have not been to a convention now for about 3 years - I did that number for a few decades whilst a witness. Your a braveheart indeed. LOL



  • crazyblondeb

    Hi Meagan,

    And welcome!

    KW13--Somehow, I think that's cheating!

  • BizzyBee

    Welcome, Megan,

    We know KW13 as a really good guy, so any friend of his, etc. Yes, I think we'd all love to get your notes and impressions of the assembly.

  • kimoko

    Wow i didnt expect such quick response :) But thanks :)

    Braveheart haha Jeff ta i was like "aww look karl im a braveheart" cheesy yes i know but compliment indeed :) But yea the convention was indeed a experience.

    So the "log" log haha i sound like a ships Captain all i need is a telescope! its a little lengthy but i like put all the quotes in and stuff oh to the amount of quotes! but yea i havent finished the last talk on my notes but ill be sure to get it done to share it!

    Thanks for the warm welcome :)

  • KW13
    KW13--Somehow, I think that's cheating!

    i know i know

    We know KW13 as a really good guy, so any friend of his, etc. Yes, I think we'd all love to get your notes and impressions of the assembly.

    thanks, i'm sure you'll love megan too! BTW megan is coming to the Manchester Apostafest in October

  • luna2

    Hi Megan! Nice of you to join us. "the amazing KW13" ROTFLMAO!! Just kidding. Really. He's awesome.

  • Swan

    Welcome Megan!

  • kimoko

    Heya Luna haha :) yea i know amazing maybe not the right word...hmmmm....just kidding :)


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