Talking to support and contacts at WT HQ

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  • scary21

    Wanted to listen but guess I'm too blonde to figure out how to even click it on.....


    Wanted to listen but guess I'm too blonde to figure out how to even click it on.....

    You`ll see 2 long Black Player Bars

    (Click on FAR LEFT SIDE of player bar to start program)

    It works I tried it..

  • snare&racket

    Would you be surprised if a random local window cleaner in your town took heard your issue/problem and had little interests in your concerns and no answers? Why expect anything different JUST because they are a JW?

    I learned much from realising how much I expected out of JW's and the reality of what I found.

    I guess the question is, "What would a non God appointed, human organisation look like and feel like to interact with?" Bingo! So why the surprise at the nonchalance?

  • rebel8

    It's against the law (in NY) to record people without their permission.

    NY has a one-party consent law. Only 1 of the parties to a conversation must consent to it being recorded. So go and record all you want!

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle
    Rebel 8, I stand corrected.
  • Listener

    I thought Inform Ant was part of AAWA. I think Inform Ant is the same person on Youtube as ex JWs International. She is a lot more 'loose' with her words and comments when she does a Youtube as Inform Ant.

    Thanks Juan for posting your calls to Bethel. The young lady was clueless, she had no idea what might happen to your comments if she passed them on but finally had the foresight to get your name and number. They take such great pride in the fact that they can be contacted via snail mail.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Listener - I really have no idea who Inform Ant is or why she has decided to make everyone who is part of AAWA a target for her abusive and profane personal attacks. But, as I've stated many times before, the USA is a free speech country (for the most part) and Ms. Ant has every right to do her thing as she wishes. What she says about me or my friends is really a non-issue for the most part because those who know us, even those who do not support what I do with AAWA or any of my websites, know that I am mostly harmless. I've met some people in my life that were a lot more threatening and abusive than Ms. Ant could ever be - and she just does her thing on YouTube for a few dozen occasional viewers. I must admit that she can be quite entertaining at times. She is not, and to my knowledge never has been, an AAWA volunteer or directly connected to AAWA in any way other than being a rather harsh critic.

    As far as my call involving the young woman - I thought that she was trying to be helpful, but was very reluctant to engage me in conversation - as compared to "Joel" the computer support person. You'll note that I tried to pause and give her a chance to respond, but she seemed to limit herself to occasional "uh-Huh" in an agreeable but very restrictive way. It was almost like she was under orders not to engage with callers directly or express her opinion.

    As you may have noticed, I made it clear from the very beginning that I was not a JW, but rather a critic and webmaster of several "critical JW discussion sites." I also made it a point not to get into a discussion of JW beliefs or policy, although I did sneak in a very brief reference to "child abuse." I did challenge her on the postal mail issue as I have a shoebox full of UPS and USPS delivery confirmations to the Watchtower, but not as single response.

    Even after that, she still promoted snail-mail as their preferred communication. Very easy for them to just pass unopened envelopes through a shredder.

    After my experience with these two calls, maybe I can come up with a better strategy for the next time to make for a more interesting exchange. We'll see...

    And yes, "rebel8" is correct about the recording of telephone calls for most states (there are exceptions). What most existing "no recording" laws allow is for one party to a call to make a recording (businesses, emergency services, government offices, and newspapers all do this as general policy for training, documentary, and security reasons). The recording of a call ("tapping") by a third party without the knowledge of the persons on the call is prohibited in several states. There are exceptions to one party recording (California being one of them) - but New York is OK. A free downloadable guide is available online called "Reporter's Recording Guide" that covers and describes all of these laws state by state. I have a copy of that PDF report, but have lost the link (try Google search). Look for "Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press."


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