Were you a bathroom breaker?

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  • Mysterious

    omg when was that Arthur. Before my time I think or I would have remembered something so cheesy. I do remember parts mentioning it all the time though.

    dobbie, I used to go during the last talk of the assembly just when things were starting to drag on. Mom never councilled me though because she didn't want to keep dad waiting too long after the assembly was over and knew Id never make it home without a bathroom break.

    Gill, that's just beyond awful to do to anyone let alone a child. Fortunately the sisters here all seem to have weak bladders so there was always a bathroom break in FS.

    Dubbeachbabe, just another control mechanism like anything else of course. That and they realized lots were using it as an excuse to avoid some of their spiritual garbage and we can't have that can we.

    fullofdoubtnow, if people were actually concentrating on the meeting I don't think they would have been so distracted.

    lovelylil good for you for standing up to them!

    chuckie77, because it's easier to stop people from peeing than it is to make their crap appealing.

    Sailor Ripley, I used to get snuck out when I was young too. Then mom decided I was grown up enough to start taking more in. =P

    RichieRich, we used to actually have a room called "The Cry Room" the idea behind it being parents with young kids that started crying could go back there to nurse. Of course you know what the cry room actually turned into. We renovated when I was older (there had been quite a few kids around the same age and none for a long time after) and the cry room disappeared, then they started using the bathroom for those sweet mercies. I remember being slapped across the side of the head in a meeting once..I don't remember what for. I just remember thinking it was wrong to hit a child in the head.

    Blueblades, omg that's amazingly cheesy. I remember mom saying you have no trouble reading a novel so why not the magazines and other things like that all the time.

    Poztate you naughty boy. Any time I was every restless in a meeting mom used to say "you're just like your father". I think you can hear the tone.

    MinisterAmos, yeppers we had speakers in the bathrooms in our KH. But it muted the voice every so slightly and made it sort of wash over instead of being so grating.

    blondie, omg that's too funny she just went and flushed. That's awesome.

    okie46, I always felt too guilty to talk to anyone in the washroom, how stupid

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