Were you a bathroom breaker?

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  • MinisterAmos

    Did you guys have speakers connected to the sound system in the BRooms so you never missed a word?

    I always found it ....creepy.....to be urinate to the duclet tones of Elder Bob asking the questions and Sister Mary answering them.

    Vaguely erotic in a weird sort of way.

  • wonderwoman

    I forgot about all the potty breaks too.
    the families in my kh had massive families. there was always something going on.
    ms and elders pacing the lit counter, checking out the pre teen girlies using the bathroom.
    some helpless babe was always getting their ass beat in the little torture den (or library) whatever it was called. i spent many a fine sunday afternoon with a swollen bum.
    my dad was the best!!! once my lil brother had to go. dad said hold it. he ended up having an accident in his seat, which of course resulted in a beating and total humiliation.
    i wanted to rip his f*cking eyes out.

    years and years of therapy later and i still feel crazy half the time.
    i can't believe we actually are even somewhat normal human beings.

  • restrangled

    I can remember standing in line before I actually had to go, because the wait was so long for the girls at district and circuit assemblys.

    Of course the sessions were piped in as the toilets flushed. (As if anyone was listening crossing their legs to keep from peeing.)

    Sick stuff.


  • lonelysheep

    I forgot about the the meeting council to not pee unless it was songtime! Eek!!! I would never go till I got home.

    Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time in the bathroom due to being a mom.

  • doublelifer

    I lived for bathroom breaks...anything to break the boredom! I would be in there for 15 mins....hiding. Counting the mins, looking at the clock nonstop.

  • free2beme

    Sometimes when I would get to meetings late, I would end up sitting in the back and see all the people who would go to the bathroom a lot. I was surprised at how some did seem to go more then others, and sometimes I found this destracting. At the same time, any doctor will tell you, "When you feel the need, go." So if your mother was counciling you on this, she was out of line.

  • mama1119

    Richie was so right on about the spanking...I always remember hearing crap(get it) about not going to the bathroom during meeting, but my parents never enforced it. There was this one girl who would build up a number two all day so she could go straight to the bathroom at the Hall and spend a good long time on the pot. I think she usually missed a good part of the meetings. Her Mom was a really old Mom and too tired to enforce no pooping rules. I think It was a great plan to cut down on meeting time, perhaps she brought a novel or something ino the stall...

  • freedom96

    In our hall, very few ever used the bathroom during the meetings. Even if you used it during the songs, you would get the look.

  • Virgochik

    At our Hall, it seemed like the sisters looked forward to the song, to run to the ladies room and stand around chatting. Many times, the song was over and the blablabla of the talk had been droning on for awhile before all the sisters returned to their seats, I went every song, whether I had to, or not. After awhile, my mom talked to me about how, it seemed like I missed all the songs. Of course I did, lol!

  • kimoko

    Im sure that Jesus didnt consult with God when he wanted a wee...lol.

    The level of seriousness is unhealthy literally :) its really shocking for me to see that such a normal act like a child needing the toliet is seen as shameful

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