Were you a bathroom breaker?

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  • Gill

    (((((( Richie )))))) Crazy parents we had - You and Me too!!

    Juni - Thanks for your sympathies! However, it's quite a shock to realise that other people, non JWs, find it's OK to go to the toilet whenver they need to....well it was for me!

    That's the provlem with the WTBTS - It's control, control and more control. Don't let your kids drink. Don't let your kids go to the toilet. Don't let your kids make a noise. Don't let your kids go to after school activities. Don't let your kids get a good, critical thinking education. Don't let your kids leave home till they're married and you know they're not having spontaneous sex everywhere. Don't let your kid leave the bOrg......

    Control, control control.

    If this control accompanies an overbearing, terrifying parent, who's willing to humiliate a child and beat the crap out of them, there is always mental damage.

    But I remember the day that I realised that it was all right to do those basic things. I remember the counsellor being shocked that she had to tell me it was all right.

    Now I know it's all right.......but why'd it take so long?

  • Momofmany

    I forgot how I used to wait until paragraph 9 of the wt. Then I knew I was half way done, and went to the bathroom. That was my "reward" to my self. I could sit thru a lot, but that was my break. I forgot all about that. I am giggling about that now.

  • juni

    I also can say that my counselor was shocked when I told her what was expected. She actually had gone to a KH w/a friend who had become a Witness. My counselor said she left after the beginning of the WT study as she could feel that things were not right. She went to the local gas station to get a cup of coffee and reflect over what she had heard.

    That was her limited contact w/JWs -


    but why'd it take so long?

    Because, Gill, you were brought up by parents who followed through w/the mind control. As a child you did what your parents told you because you trusted them. It takes a long time for even an adult who was not raised a witness to get over the s***. The fact that you're on the right path now is great!

  • Blueblades

    I remember the one at the circuit assembly where little Johnny was watching his favorite show on tv when his father said to him ok Johnny it's time to go to the bathroom. Little Johnny tells his father that he does not have to go. His father says, you always go at this time at the meetings. What a stupid part that was.


  • Gregor

    Poor little bored, restless kids breaking the monotony with a trip to the bathroom and a quick sip at the drinking fountain. I did it. I walked very slowly, took my time to wash my hands, etc. I remember feeling claustrophobic when I was small and couldn't see anything but the back of the seat in front of me.

    Of course, as an adult, and an elder to boot, I found a better way to escape that seat - does anyone remember the servants, elders and MS, loitering in the back of the hall during the meeting? I remember a couple of guys who would lean against the literature counter, wander over to the information board (we were told not to call it a 'bulletin' board because of some origin of the word in false religion). Anyway, it got to the point that there were always 3 or 4 servants standing in the back. I was frequently one of them. Somebody brought it up in an elders meeting and it stopped for a time.

  • KW13

    a brother stopped me and said "my mum is XX age and she doesn't go as much as you".

    i was quite shocked but of course made a conscious effort (even though i wasn't even 10 at the time) to stop.

  • Poztate

    does anyone remember the servants, elders and MS, loitering in the back of the hall during the meeting?
    That would be me. I always had a good excuse...bad back, leg craps,claustrophobia...etc. The real reason was I was bored silly. We used to put away the new literature while the meeting was on also. Never had any complaints.

  • ellderwho

    Reading this thread reminds me of what a bunch of jackasses I was raised with in the kingdom halls. Nit-wits!

  • BrendaCloutier

    Ya know, as long as I've been out, I never connected the JW "toilet training" with my health issues that hit in my teen years like UTI's and the beginnings of Irritable Bowel. WOW! Talk about a revelation...

    Thanx for that, I appreciate it.

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Yes. The most interesting part of the KH is the bathroom, where teen-age and pre-teen girls like me could go and admire ourselves, apply and re-apply our make-up and be repeatedly "counselled" for our vanity. Of course, the elders couldn't follow me into the loo, so, hooey on them! It was a great way to get through long and tedious hours, I must confess.

    Here's my sacred pronouncement: TAKE A DUMP IN THE KH AUDITORIUM.

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