Who Pioneered?

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  • katiekitten
    I did.

    right out of High School.

    Me too. Didnt regular pioneer tho, so didnt get to go to pioneer school, thank god.

  • hambeak

    I did too, I started as a vacation pioneer when I was in 6th grade and became a regular pioneer by the time I was in 10th.

    I did it because that was the thing you are suposed to do. I lied about the time I spent in FS I put down 104 hours or more on my card I had to turn in every month when really I only spent about 30. I finally woke up after 4 years of that stuff.

  • Forscher

    Lets see,
    Right after Baptism I joined a friend in Vacation pioneering for a month. I ended up getting a bit more than 100 hours in since I had more opportunities to go out than he did and helped him get his quota in. After that I Auixiliary Pioneered a few times during my time in the bOrg. Suprisingly enough, I did it because I had the time on my hands (between jobs) and wanted to do it. Strange, isn't it?

  • AudeSapere
    hambeak wrote: ... I lied about the time I spent in FS I put down 104 hours or more on my card I had to turn in every month when really I only spent about 30.

    That's kind of impressive. I was afraid to lie even a little.

    I auxillary pioneered for about a year in my mid-20's while working full-time to support myself. Then regular pioneered from '84 - '86. It was gruelling and I was too busy to be included in the fun parts of comraderie amongst the pioneers. Went to pioneer school (my employer closed up for the week I was gone - our very busy season) and have the book packed in a box somewhere in the garage.

    I now wish I had enough lack of faith to lie on my reports. Any break longer than 15 minutes, I deducted from my 'timecard'.



  • Ms. Whip
    Ms. Whip

    ok, ok i admit it. i aux. pioneered through highschool.

    then reg. aux.

    then reg. pioneered.

    yes, i went to pioneer school

  • Rabbit

    Yep, me, too. After High School I was baptized and started aux. Pioneering for a few months. Then, I Reg. Pioneered for 3.5 years (100 hours back then) right thru Armageddon in 1975.

    When nuttin' happened I was just a little shook up...when the GB accused the R&F, elders & pioneers of "reading something else into their words" and that the WT "never said it would be 1975"...I quit. Then, I married an uber dub few years later, we had little dubs. All was well until I began having serious doubts in the mid 90's (I'm a little slow) I stopped going to most of the meetings. She eventually let this eat her up and she filed for divorce...I was a "spiritual danger" to her and our children, even tho' the Elders said I wasn't.

    By Pioneering, I gave up a free college education offered by my non-dub Dad. I entered a marriage that would later fail, because of my changed mind about "The Truth that leads to Eternal Life". Most of our children still shun me now. Their uber Dub mother -- still leading them down the 'primrose path' -- is now a pioneer and attending Pioneer School.

    *sigh* I left that years ago...their Mom quit a great job, so, she could pioneer now that "the end is so very near".

    Yep. Right around the corner. Right over that next hill... *sigh*


  • bronzefist

    I pioneered for 2 years even though I hated the door to door work.

    Never had a chance to go to the school though because I was a working dad and had three kids to take care of. Quit because I started to see pioneers being treated as special compared to others. I know....I know..... I didn't notice it before....... I had the blinders on.

  • Athanasius

    I Pioneered for a couple of years back in the 60s. That is when we were required to spend 100 hours a month in FS. Not the best years of my life.

  • blondie

    I regular pioneered for some time. I actually enjoyed talking to people but tried to arrange working by myself. I hated to wooden approach of other JWs. I was never concerned about converting anyone but getting them to read or continue reading their Bible. I found that that closer proximity to fellow JWs made their flaws and in some cases cruelties more evident. The jealousies, gossip and outright lying dragged me down.

    Eventually, my physical infirmities forced me to stop. I always thought that I would be closer to God by pioneering; actually, it created spiritual dissonance as I saw people who professed a love for humans, tear them down.


    PS I always wondered if a JW wasn't a pioneer if that meant they were a part-time Christian.

  • lostlantern

    I auxiliary pioneered every summer and upon graduation entered the full time service, 1993. I stopped pioneering when I was married in 1995.

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