Who Pioneered?

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  • FreedomFrog

    k, well here's what happened to my pioneer days.

    Got baptized, immediately started aux. bacause the pressure of "pioneering now that you're babtized" crap started. I was still in school, but was encouraged to get a job at Wendy's to pay for the aux. pioneer since my parents didn't have money and us teens need to "give" back to our parents.

    So here I was at 17

    Going to school, working a job and aux. the rest of little time I had left. I had a major "burnout". I did make it through my senior year but I quit both my job and aux. I had became anemic.

    Got married 19... was pressured (mainly from my parents and the elders) to pioneer since I wasn't working. I went into a deep depression and quit the pioneering about 7 months into it. In the past they had announced the ones that had pioneered for a long time as quiting for personal reasons but since they had put in so much time...blah, blah, blah... blah. They "announced" me not as a pioneer as if I was disfellowshipped (which was horrible for me at the time). That was about 14 years ago, that is when I became "weak" with everyone around me because I wasn't going to the meeting regular...and I was only putting in my 2 hours of field service for the month. And for the last 6 years of being a Dub, I had put in fake reports just to keep the elders off my but.

  • Undecided

    I vacation pioneered when I had summer off at school for several years and full time pioneered (100 hrs. mth.) when I graduated for a year until my dad died. Had to go to work and support myself and my mom then, I felt relieved not having to pioneer. I sold my house and moved into a trailer, quit my job and tried to work part time and pioneer. This was after I had been married for several years. I didn't make it very long, less than a year and they hired me back at my old job.

    Ken P.

  • FreedomFrog

    From reading all these responses, no wonder there is so much depression in the Borg. The Borg pushes you until you are so burned out and they still ride your case because "you're not doing your best"...


  • tijkmo

    i did ....1977to 2002

    then 1 month nov 2004

    loved it...(except nov 2004)

    pioneer school was brill.....and now you get to go again

    i would have loved to have been an instructor

  • lawrence

    I did from 1973 - 1977, then I went through the Society's past books and history and no longer could spread the old and new light. I actually felt like I was doing the Creator's will until the real lights came on.

  • minimus

    I "vacation" pioneered every summer from the time I was 10, then "regular" pioneered for 2 years.

  • karen96

    After marrying my pioneering hubby, I scaled back my work schedule to 3 days/week so I could aux pioneer. When we were transferred to another cong (inner-city), it was a real culture shock and my hours started falling (then it was 60/month). After a while, my elder/pioneer/ex said if I couldn't make the hours, I should just work full time, so I did. I didn't really hate FS, but I hated aux. pioneering; it felt like you only did it for the accolades and praise from others.


  • wonderwoman

    I was baptized at 13, under major pressure as an elder's duaghter, and the oldest in my family I had to set a fine example for the rest of the little buggers. (looks like I did, three of them are still in. damn I'm good!) started pioneering that December. I was cold. It sucked. I hated it. Service was one of the worst experiences of my life. Humiliating. Embarrassing. I hated the fact that adults would use their kids as a trap for people at the door...look at us trying to sell a mag for $.50, c'mon, can't say no to a kid. I remember vividly calling on houses Sat morning and the smell of pancakes and bacon wafting out of the open door, and the kids inside still in their pj's watching cartoons and looking at me like I was an alien. Needless to say, I never did it again. Stopped service all together when I was 16, got a lot of hell from the elders. Now I make my kids pancakes Sat morning.

  • AuldSoul

    I regularly auxiliary pioneered for a long time after baptism (in 1985). In 1986 I left school at age 12. Tried the American School thing, but opted for the public library instead. At 16 I started regular pioneering, and pioneered for a year-and-a-half.

    I auxiliary pioneered frequently until I started questioning the whole doctrine "thing". I've been a snowball rolling down a freshly dusted hill ever since.


  • Finally-Free

    I regular pioneeredâ„¢ for over 2 years, and auxiliary pioneeredâ„¢ more times than I can count. I was still a relatively new convert into the cult at the time, and I hoped it might help me gain some acceptance by the other cultists. It didn't work, and I spent 20 years as a JW always feeling like I was on the outside, looking in. In the long run that was a good thing. It made it much easier for me to leave the cult. Aside from my mom, they could all die today and I wouldn't care a bit.


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