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  • forsharry

    What a powerful article. I forwarded the link on to family and friends. This should be exposed in the same way that pedophilia in catholicisim was and is to an excent. I applaued Barbara Anderson and all those brave souls at Silent Lambs, who either support, or have exposed these monsters either through telling their tales or reporting them to the PROPER authorities.

    I'm just amazed that they would shelter these perverts...what the heck is wrong with them?! How can you turn a blind eye to anyone suffering, let alone the silent suffering of a child?! I mean, Jeeze, we were trapped in one fashion or another in the religion, but to be doubly trapped through not only mind control but rape and fear of exposure?! What bastards!

    (Slightly on a tangent, but trust me I do have a point somewhere in this post.)

    I was molested once, as a young girl by my grandmother's neighbor (my childhood friend's grandfather.) I was 6 years old. He gave me silver for it too...It was a couple of days before my birthday. I never said a word to my parents, because even then, I as a small child being shown the witness thoughtspeak, saw that it was my fault, cause I went to his house by myself to get some money for my birthday, in secret cause my parents would be upset if they knew I got a birthday present.

    So I wonder, how many children never even speak up at all, even to their own parents? How many rationalize it, and turn it into their own faults as I did? Fear, Fear, Fear! It has GOT to STOP!

    I tell everyone I know who asks me about the Jehovah's Witnesses, all about their covering up of this problem. That and the loving behavior that is portrayed through the generous and thoughtful method of shunning. What the he// were my parents thinking?!


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  • Zico

    I've not really looked into the Witness child molesting problem much since joining this site, preferring more to look at doctrinal issues in my search for the Truth about the Truth. Reading this story, which then made me visit the Silent Lambs site has absolutely stunned and disturbed me. I had absolutely no idea of the extent of this problem within the Organisation or the lengths that they go to in hiding the problem. It has made me feel really sick. This organisation has so much to answer for.

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    Welcome dubbeach babe!

  • DubBeachBabe

    Thanks for the welcome, serendipity.

    I did a quick click on your profile - I'm still finding my way around here - and was interested to see that you, as do I, use the expression 'cognitive dissonance' in your bio.

    Maybe that's a key to a lot of what's going on here.


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    Hi DubBeachBabe -

    Welcome to JWD.

    Great link, too!! Barbara posts here occaisionally as: Andersonsinfo If you search the member directory you can find a few of her threads with more insightful postings.


    You wrote: fear that the huge numbers of posts and people here may be a bit intimidating, and may distract me from more important pursuits, like exploring good sauvignon blanc.

    Fear not. This place is wonderful. You will like it alot.

    And for the sauvignon blanc exloration, simply start a new thread - and viola! You will have your own little discussion group.

    Enjoy your stay here.

    -Aude Sapere (meaning: Dare to Know; Dare to Have Wisdom/Understanding)

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    Thanks for the link and welcome to the forum.

    After a few bottles of red and a lot of reading you will soon get to know people here.

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    Just wanted to say "hi" and "welcome"!! This is a wonderful place!!Look forward to hearing more from you!


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    It looks a great story. Thanks.


  • evergreen

    Ive just finished reading this well written piece by Barbara Anderson. I found it to be very informative as to way the organisation is run.

    I was simply shocked at how they have and to a great extent still are trying to brush child abuse under the carpet.

    I especially liked her point that child abuse is a "crime" and not just a "sin" , which should be brought to the attention of the authorities immediately. Elders are certainly not trained in this field of "crime" and seriously need to realise right now that the society is just plain wrong in the way child abuse is being handled.

    There are far to many loopholes in their dealings with allegations and the 2 witness rule is a complete and utter joke. Like the blood issue, common sense and logic are thrown aside for Watchtower dictatorship!!

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