Lets go to the church but stand outside

by Wordly Andre 15 Replies latest jw experiences

  • sspo

    How sick could we all have been, in my case when my father died i stood outside the catholic church so that i would not displease the watchtower.

    You truly feel like choking someone for brainwashing all of us, but it was ok when " worldly" relatives or friends would show up at a JW funeral and have our beleif shoved down their throat whether they liked it or not.

  • barry

    When I met my first wife she had been studying for two years with the witnesses. I asked her to come to services at my church and to my amazement after the service i happened to put my arm around her and found she was shaking like a leaf out of fear.

    Thats probable why Im still here at this site and its not only what the WT writes about weather or not its OK to go to a church but what is instilled into the mind by constant teaching about the churches and how evil they are weather you go there or not.

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom
    While an elder I have been to several weddings and funerals in churches and I could've cared less but I did make a point not to tell anyone we went.

    I've done that a few times myself and accomplished such safely. I must admit that I did a quick look-around before entering the building (not that it would have deterred me anyways if I did make eye contact with a fellow JW passing by on the street).

  • Justice-One

    Yeah JW's have got to watch those EVIL buildings!! - When I used to work for an alarm company, I had to from time to time, go into churches to service their systems. Man did I get a hard time from some of the brothers on this. They told me that I should not set foot inside a church. I tried to tell them that working on an alarm in the basement was a far cry from going on Sunday, but you know how the brainwashed and braindead are.

    BTW, off topic but cool - I was standing on the roof of the Dioses Of Venice (running new alarm cable) watching the Challenger take off. I knew that it had exploded almost before anyone.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    From what I've read from all of you, going inside a church IS a conscience matter, well if your conscience is dictated by the Elders, and others in your hall! How can they say its a conscience matter, is it for if any worldly people question them about it putting the responsiblity on themselves instead of the ORG, better to make me look bad the JW ORG.

  • elatwra

    Well they say that it would displease Jehovah if you attended a church but the real reason has to be that they worry that the witnesses will like the other church better and start going there. They might like the liturgy, or the sermon. They might find out that other churches too believe the world will end and that they are not the ones with exclusive rights to Jesus millenial reign.

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