Originaly from Greece, Moved to the states 8 yrs ago. I am on the site because a. I seem to be targeted for indoctrination- they are always coming back. Their twisted theology, history and inability to deal with reality buffled me so I came here to find out what's up. (They actually had the balls to bring me information on what the words Hades, or torture really mean in the greek, after I pointed out that their reasoning was based on faulty translations.They told me that I did too much research for my own good and Just because I am greek I don't know everything.But see I did not even have to do ANY research, greek mythology and history were taught in elementary school in greece and I took classical greek in high school. Anyways. b.I currently live in a primarily hispanic neighborhood that seems to be targeted by every religious group imaginable-I call it cult central- and after finding out how dangerous it is to be a JW I can't help but be concerned about all my neighbors that are studying with them. My kids play with their kids avery day-and the thought that their parents could make a life altering decision like that to screw up their lives really saddens me.