CO has been coming to my door. Would like 1 or 2 solid and easy arguments.

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  • StrongHaiku

    Not sure if this will help but sometimes it is better to sidestep a doctrinal issue and come at it in a way that hits at whatever is left of their humanity (I know, a small target).

    Some have already noted the pedophile situation. And, that can be addressed outside of the minefield of doctrine. However, here is another example:

    I once asked my mother "If Jehovah (through his spirit direct organization) asked you to kill me, would you do it?" She said "Yes". That is the only appropriate answer for a JW. An answer of "No" means that they have set boundaries. If they have set limits on what they will or won't do for the "Organization" then maybe they have boundaries in other areas that can be explored. Just a thought.

  • marmot
    Ask him to explain "overlapping generations" using only the bible.
  • The Laser Viking
    The Laser Viking

    haha I like the generations suggestion.

    "I was having difficulty making sense of the overlapping generations when looking up the scriptures. Can you help me?"

  • The Laser Viking
    The Laser Viking
    Bringing up the failed prophesies could lead in nicely to bringing up the overlapping generations.
  • nowwhat?
    You know how Rutherford was able to rally the troops again? By spewing out a false prophecy in 1925 that the prophets were to resurrected ushering in gods kingdom so he had a mansion built for them and wound up moving in himself . Soomehow that got left out in our history video.
  • Crazyguy

    Ask him to show you in the bible where god allowed wrong information or dishonest information to be taught as a make-wait until he decided to then teach the real truth? Then you could follow with your waiting on Jehovah.

    Or you could go for the kill and say that in 1945 they started teaching that one must not have blood but by 2000 ingredient's such as hemoglobin the most important component of blood is now allowed meaning thousands of witnesses died for nothing. Please explain where god or the holy spirit was in all this?

  • ABibleStudent

    Welcome The Laser Viking, Let the CO do all the work. Just ask him simple questions, like:

    • Where in the Bible does it say that God/Jesus Christ commanded followers to not celebrate birthdays? Bad things happened to people on a Pharaoh's and King's birthday in Ge 40:20, Mt 14:6, and Mk 6:21, but their was no commandment to not celebrate an individual's birthday.
    • Where in the Bible does it say that Jesus Christ commanded followers not to accept blood transfusions? Refer to Mt 15:1-14 about what Jesus Christ said about what goes in a person's mouth. Sure early Christians wrote about abstaining from blood in Acts 15:29, but even early Jews could become clean again by following instructions in Le 17:15, and Jews today accept blood transfusions. Is the Watchtower's prohibition on whole blood transfusions for JWs adding to God's commandments?
    • Why didn't Jesus Christ tell his remaining disciples to shun those disciples who left him in the desert? Refer to John 6:60-70.
    • Why does the Watchtower teach JWs to say, "Where else shall we go?" when non-JWs ask difficult questions instead of admitting that JWs are trying to go to Jesus Christ? Refer to John 6:60-70.
    • Why does the Watchtower teach JWs to blindly follow the organization [Watchtower (Study Edition) Nov 2013, pg 16 - 20, paragraph 17], believe in the organization, or follow its literature, instead of God's two greatest commandments or listening to the Holy Spirit? Refer to Mt 22:24-40 and Mt 12:30-32.
    • Why does the Watchtower teach JWs to ask non-JWs to keep an open mind, but will not allow JWs to question the Watchtower nor its leaders instructions? Didn't Paul praise the Bereans for studying the scriptures to verify what Paul said was true? Refer to Acts 17:11.
    • What should I do if I believe that men are adding to or subtracting from God's commandments? Refer to Deu 4:1-2 and Mt 15:1-12

    I doubt that the CO will every bother you again by asking him a few of the above questions.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Tell him that they have had 3 major 1914 doctrines that they have changed when history proved them wrong.

    1. The "end times" were from 1799 - 1914 with Armageddon referring to a social collapse spanning 40 years from 1874 - 1914 and the Millennium starting on 1914. They had this doctrine from the 1870s to shortly after 1914.
    2. When that doctrine failed they said that the end times were from 1914 until the lifespan of the generation living then.
    3. When that generation almost died out they said that the generation referred to something else. Something incomprehensible.

    Keep it brief and simple.

  • The Laser Viking
    The Laser Viking

    All great suggestions. Thank you guys!

  • stuckinarut2

    All great suggestions, but try and keep it you don't end up getting confused or seem too eager to blast away every point at once.

    Simply ask:

    "as much of what we taught as Truth over the years has now changed, how can we be sure that the Truth we teach NOW is indeed truth? I feel bad for teaching people in my community things that have now been changed"

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