JWs are gossip mongers

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  • unbrainwashed

    Once I left the JW social scene and started hanging out with "worldly" people a lot more, I realized that these "worldly" people don't gossip nearly as much as the witnesses.

    I didn't realize it at the time but now I can see how much of a gossip-based social structure it all was. JWs absolutely THRIVE on gossip. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • SPAZnik

    Would it be hypocritical to gossip about what gossipers they are? :P

  • Twitch

    If it is hypocritical to gossip about gossipers that are hypocritical, doesn't that make it right?


  • IP_SEC
    JWs absolutely THRIVE on gossip. Has anyone else noticed this?

    seems to me that xjws do too

  • freetosee

    Gossip & slander was one of the most exhausting things about being a jw. And when this topic was discussed at the Sunday WT study it was always interesting to see how the member would attack each other and feel completely innocent. Those were the liveliest meetings.

    Everywhere do you find (harmful) gossip, but as a jw being told your living in spiritual paradise and are part of a loving brotherhood identified by love, the gossip hurt much more. It was or is the power of the elder wives, since they know best what is fabricated at JC’s. In the world the expectation and approach to people is different and not as burdensome, IMO. fts

  • sspo

    And elders have always been the worst of them all since they know a lot about everyone in the congr.

  • Gregor

    I grew up with my mother, aunts and grandmother almost constantly gossiping about members of the cong. Over a period of 40 years one of my uncles was a "company" servant, then a "congregation" servant and finally an elder. He kept the above mentioned cadre supplied with fresh material. In turn, the cadre of women also kept him supplied with hot leads based on other sources of gossip about sexual transgressions, marital problems, etc.

    My Grandparents and their oldest daughter and the son-in-law mentioned above lived in mobile homes or rented apts and moved frequently. He always planned ahead to make sure he went to a cong. where he would remain a servant. The moves were usually brought on after a year or two of their joining a cong. Then the gossip shit would start to hit the fan, hard feelings ensued and it was time for them to "shake the dust from their feet" and move on to where they would be appreciated.

    For me, it was like growing up in a small family comune of people who were a combination of "Grapes of Wrath" migrants, Judge Rutherford devotees and general mainstream misfits. They took me and my cousins out of public school as soon as possible. Sometimes just moving and not registering us until the neighbors noticed we didn't go to school. Armageddon was always just about to break out so why even bother with school.

  • nsrn

    My experience was the opposite, but I credit my parents' integrety for that. My mom couldn't and still can't say one negative or gossipy thing about anyone--and makes it a point not to listen. She can cut me off faster than anything when I fish for info! Only positive things about anyone...

    But I have a cousin that can be a wealth of info...

    I think it's the nature of a socially isolating group to talk about what they know--each other. And when someonee else sins, it's confirmation that you are better than they are. For folks who don't get a lot of positive reinforcement, I think that's a big factor.

    I am so thankful that I have found unconditional love and a real relationship with God.

  • luna2

    I think almost everybody gossips...JW just think they don't or that they shouldn't so you notice it more.

    There was once a Pioneer sis I knew who would cut you off at the knees if you said anything about anybody because she didn't listen to gossip. However, she certainly didn't stifle herself...of course, that was different because she was merely making observations and definitely wasn't gossiping.

  • formyboys

    JWs absolutely THRIVE on gossip. Has anyone else noticed this?

    I always was suprised has malicious and vicious the gossip was. They seldom gossiped about positive things. My mom never had a lot of female friends at the hall, because she would always interrupt them with comments about how unbiblical gossiping was. I do think most other social groups gossip a lot too. It is just that the JW's try to point out how they are better (more righteous) than worldly groups..

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