Jehovah`s-Witness`s are a Large Organization

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    Jehovah`s-Witness`s are a large organization,how often have you heard that?..Is it True?..There are 2billion Christians on the planet.1billion of them are Catholic..There are only 6million Jehovah`s-Witness`s worldwide..Thats 0.003 of a pecentage point..So are Jehovah`s-Witness`s a large organization?..No,but they could be considered a boil on the buttocks of Christianity...OUTLAW

  • chuckie77

    Just to be devils advocate for a second here outlaw... If there was 6 billion dollars in the world and I had 6 million of those dollars, I would still consider myself rich... Its not a massive chunk by any means, but its not a pathetic wedge. Its all relative I guess. Im not disagreeing with you, just saying...

  • mrsjones5

    In their own minds perhaps. In reality they're just a small drop in the bucket.



    chuckie77 Yes,6million is a large number,but it`s not as large as two thousand million.Jehovah`s-Witness`s do compare themselves at times to Catholics as being a large organization.They believe they are a big fish in the world of Christianity.It`s just not so.Catholic`s make up 50% of Christians.Jehovah`s-Witness`s don`t even make up a full pecentage point at 0.003%...OUTLAW

  • chuckie77

    Outlaw, I do tend to agree with what you are saying, they do see themselves as much bigger than they really are. Perhaps if the JWs had been around as long as Catholicism, they would be up there on the numbers. I realise though that you are saying they shouldnt even compare themselves.

    All I really remember them saying in the meetings was that they were growing at a much faster rate than the likes of the Catholic Church, I didnt really remember them saying that they were in the same category. It may very well have been said on a number of accasions, I tended to only hear about .003% of what was being said when I was forced to the meetings as a child!!

  • Fatfreek

    I understand what you're trying to establish here and I sympathize with your argument. However, please allow me to double-check the math:

    6,000,000 / 2,000,000,000 = 0.003, a decimal fraction

    To establish percentage we then divide that fraction by 100, which, in turn = 0.30%


  • fullofdoubtnow

    They are a minor religious sect of little or no significance to the majority of the world's population, unlike the Catholics,Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus, who are much larger.

    The only thing that is large about the jws is the ego of some of their leaders.

  • chuckie77

    Still large enough for most people to know them, or know of them...

  • Tigerman

    I would think they are very large, considering the fact they are a cult.

  • Warlock

    They seem large because of the door to door work and street witnessing. Plus there is at least one in every workplace with more than 10 employees.


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