Has anybody successfully quit using caffeine altogether?

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  • looking_glass

    Dan - I had to go off of caffeine again because of my doctor's and nutritionist's orders. I am subject to migraines and they can be triggered by various foods and beverages. So I have not had caffeine in around a month. The first week was very hard because it is a habit that is hard to break. Once you are able to establish a new routine you will be fine. As for the headaches, I found that only Excedrin (and in my case I took the migraine one as well) worked for my headaches. It is my understanding that Excedrin either has caffeine in it or has a substance that is like caffeine, which takes the edge off of the headache. As for the irritability, don't shoot me but I was told to take midol because it does in fact have ingredients that will help with irritability. I don't know if it is true for all genders, but you could always try it and see how it works for you.

  • justicehope

    Dan: I noticed you mentioned you suffer with ADD; it is very likely that you are trying to self-medicate yourself with caffeine. The caffeine probably helps you focus. Been there, done that. It is like a dog chasing his tail. I know fight daily to limit my coffee to 1-2 cups. It took months to get it down to 1-2 cups. I used a coffee substitute drink to help with the change. The hot beverage and pseudo coffee taste helped. I still use this strategy to limit my coffee intake.

  • DanTheMan
    it is very likely that you are trying to self-medicate yourself with caffeine

    I've always thought that caffeine makes my thoughts even more scattered (if such a possibility exists), but perhaps you're right, it might be an subconscious thing that I do to help focus my thoughts (if such a possibility exists)

    I can barely read one damn page of a book without my mind wandering. It sucks.

  • wozadummy

    Yes I've stopped drinking it and injecting it but my conscience allows me to rub it in

    Is that OK?

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