Resolutions at Meetings

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  • SPAZnik

    LOL I love this thread.

    I laffed at AMNESIAN's passive-aggressive not voting. I've so been there.

    I hated these so-called resolutions. It drove me crazy with conflict.

    First we're not supposed to vote in things our country puts forward. Things that really matter. Instead we're supposed to wait on Jehovah('s Org) for everything.

    But now alluva sudden I'm allowed to vote for whether the flippin' KH tiles are grey and counters are pink or tiles are pink and counters are grey?
    But only if I'm baptized and in good standing and only if I don't actually question the vote options cause I'm a sister and must go through my husband
    so basically just go along with what the bros have obviously already decided?

    This always appeared to be more of a witchhunt than an actual vote/resolution to me.

    What a joke. It was like TEASING me with the concept of actually thinking for myself. You can think of which option would be best, but then, don't ask any questions about it, just go along with what we've decided you should vote. Grrr...

    I always silently cheered for the occasional bro who had the brainz and ballz to raise common sense questions during these bogus resolutions. Unfortunately it was all too rare. Everybuddy was generally trying to fly under the radar or kissingbutt to gain some sort of political standing. It cracked me up how bewildered everyone looked when asked to vote. It also cracked me up how many people just seemed to LOVE pink and grey interiors.

  • katiekitten
    When they do those voting things they always have elders ready to make a motion and second a motion. It's all planted well in advance.

    I wish I could go back in time during one of those meetings and make the following motion: I move that Br. [Name] be known from this day forward as Brother Brown-nose.


    I never undestood the 'I propose it' 'I second it' business. Like no-ones gonna second it? Why does it need seconding? Since when was a number a verb?

    I would have liked to put my hand up to say 'well I UNsecond it and bat it back to first base'.

  • sass_my_frass

    I wonder how many people actually thought that it was a democratic process?

  • tijkmo

    ha...2 incidents come to mind....a nearby congregation the elders put a vote to the cong for 2 entique chairs for the platform...costing about £ friend objected on the basis of the fact that there were holes in the roof that was letting water in so the money would be best spent on this...the congregation agreed and so voted against getting the which point the elders had to inform them that they had already bought them...the reason i know of this was that i was visiting the cong and the watchtower reader stayed standing during the whole hour as a demonstration of solidarity with the cong.

    another time we were discussing new chairs for the hall...and we had 4 choices of which was 2 different color chairs arranged in a kind of check pattern..this was the choice of one of the elders...i was chairing (pun intended) the discussion before we took the vote and his choice was one of the first to be eliminated..boy did he sulk about that..and then blamed me for being the reason the spirit was not operative on the meeting..(he got me back by df-ing me and ignoring my reinstatement requests - spirit lacking irony there)

    because of the obvious differences between the elders over this (oh and just about everything else) i suggested that at any future resolutions elders should not vote..they had already voted at the elders meeting anyway so it was not necessary for them to vote again and only served to make the cong think the elders werent about beating your head off a brick wall..

  • luna2
    I wonder how many people actually thought that it was a democratic process?

    You know what? I don't know what the heck I was thinking the entire time I was a dub. My brain was definitely not working properly during those years. The only time I remember any sort of dissention during one of these votes was when they were trying to push through the purchase of land to quickbuild a new KH on. Some of the oldtimers thought it was a waste of money and that the old building (which was owned outright by the congo) could be rennovated...which it could have been. Of course, there wasn't space for more parking or any sort of expansion (which at that time, in the early 90's, they were expecting). The fact is that the elders had already decided on the course they wanted to take and no grumbling from the ranks was going to be listened to. It is in no way a democratic process.

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    I can remember that at the hall I attended, we had to vote each year based on the Elders recomendation of which time we wanted the Sunday meeting or which days in the week we wanted the school/service meeting and bookstudy group. Well one year it was the congregations turn to pick the weekday meetings, and the two options given were school/service on tuesday or thursday. Now I liked to get that meeting out of the way so I wanted early in the week, but all the Elders wanted it on Thursday - maybe to give more time to prepare talks? Anyway I can remember the vote was close but it fell on the Tuesday. One Elders face as he was looking round at who voted for the in effect 'rogue' time was distinctly unhappy. So he arranged for the vote to be done again another time as he said a few were away, his face was an even better picture as we one again by a still marginal count.

    CS 101

  • xjwms


    Nice to see you here once in a while

    Resolutions at Meetings.....oh, ... I was the guy who always asked too many questions, and required too many details before a vote.

    Another reason for me being on the elders $/hit list. After the meetings....Someone always asked...."whats with you?" LOL

  • katiekitten
    the congregation agreed and so voted against getting the which point the elders had to inform them that they had already bought them...

    LOL. Thats hilarious. I hope they kept the receipts so they could take them back!

    I never thought it was a democratic process, but we were always asked to vote on such pathetically minor issues that it didnt seem to really matter that the whole thing was a peice of fine thatre. I mean who gives a hoot what colour the new curtains are gonna be - ah well - except the elders wives, who need an area of authority they can exercise without having to wear a teatowel on their heads.

  • blondie

    Resolutions are legal CYA measures regarding the expenditure of congregation monies outside mortgage payments and utilities (standard monthly expenses). I am in an organization that passes resolutions re spending funds and it is the same, someone moves, someone seconds, it goes to a vote, motion carried or defeated. It is lossely based on Robert's Rules of Order. In this other organization, discussion can be frowned up, decisions can have been decided behind the scenes prior to a vote, and the votes can be manipulated...not a big surprise.

  • ButtLight

    Not the quiet silent zoloft/paxil group they are now.

    You havent met me yet!!!!

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