Resolutions at Meetings

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  • Virgochik

    I remember an experience similar to tijkmo's. An obnoxious elder put it to a vote whether to buy new carpet for the Hall. He was red faced and sweating as the new carpet was narrowly approved. Why? Because he'd already gone ahead and bought the carpet, had it in storage, and his wife had picked out the color! He had really hustled up the votes before the meeting to make sure he got his way. He would've been out some money otherwise!

  • Jim_TX

    Like Blondie said, as an organization (supposedly a non-profit one, I think), they need to be following Robert's Rules of Order, when they make semi-major or major decisions on a local level. (I think that they also do this at the higher-level... at those 'secretive' meetings that only a 'select' few get to attend, by invitation only.)

    Anyway... here's a link...

    When I was a member of a computer users' group, many many moons ago, we had to follow these guidelines (we were a non-profit organization - C-3?). It was the first time that I had come to know of it, and I went and bought a book that had these 'rules' in it. Very interesting reading, and one could theoretically 'blow away' someone in the KH - who doesn't know of its' existance...

    "According to Robert's Rules of Order, we should be doing it this way." followed by *crickets*

    I, too remember when things were put to a 'vote' in the KH, mainly when I was a boy. I think I also remember my mom 'seconding' a motion - as no one else knew how to 'play' the game.


    Jim TX

  • Wolfgirl

    I occasionally asked questions, which got disapproving looks from both elders and their wives. LOL! I do remember one brother who would quite often vote against. I admired his courage. Sometimes I just didn't vote, coz I knew it made no difference.

  • katiekitten
    Resolutions are legal CYA measures regarding the expenditure of congregation monies outside mortgage payments and utilities (standard monthly expenses). I am in an organization that passes resolutions re spending funds and it is the same, someone moves, someone seconds, it goes to a vote, motion carried or defeated. It is lossely based on Robert's Rules of Order.

    Thats interesting Blondie. I honestly thought it was just a stupid pointless power game they were playing. It all seemed so meaningless.

    You really know your stuff!

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