The real impact of "apostate" sites

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  • freetosee

    Shining one,

    We were told apostates leave Jehovah, return to the falsehood of Babylon (worship Mary and Jesus, the trinity, the cross, heaven and hell), don’t go door-to-door, don’t use Jehovah’s name. Apostates don’t follow Jehovah’s theocratic arrangement on earth. The world is ruled by Satan, everything out there is vanity. To a convinced JW it is always "exactly" as the WTS says. Independent thinking and criticism of the WT is already considered apostate tendency.

    To see through the deception of these warnings is what breaking free from high control groups all is about. Those who have freed themselves will do research and will eventually learn to be tolerant, to disagree and to debate. Even debates among Christians are disrespectful and hostile.

    Many of us have gone through a long journey and are still travelling. Some have become ‘real’ Christians other have become Buddhists, atheist, whatever. Independent thinking can bring you too many places. Everywhere you will find good and bad. Most ex-jws left for many reasons, some go back.

    We were made to believe Independent Thinking means being alone, isolated seeking ones own selfish desire. The internet can surly help those leaving the WT today find much association with other independent thinking people and gain access to valuable information. I think that’s a great impact! fts

  • purplesofa

    I think it has a huge effect..........take a girl from a small town of 2,500.....(no internet)

    then moves to a city of a million...a whole new world opens up.

    Then has the whole internet at their fingertips. Doesn't matter where you live.!!!

    Does not matter what you are studying the internet will have an impact.

    The evils of the internet is mentioned as much, if not more than R rated movies......drinking.......fornication.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Perhaps the biggest impact of sites like this is with prospective witnesses, who at first contact find the JW message appealing and whose interest/curiosity lead they them to their search engines. And how does a JW making a ``return visit" on such an interested person tell him/her that he/she should look no further?

  • sass_my_frass

    Here's what happened to me: 'Apostate' sites made me realise that it was bollocks, and I no longer cared that my lifestyle was going to get me disfellowshipped.

    I think they're in deep denial and tell the elders convenient statistics that can say anything they want. The truth is in the money and their education paranoia.

  • Mary
    The prevailing view was that , numerically , there was negligible impact. There aren’t any more being disfellowshipped for apostasy , percentage wise ,than there were in the 70’s and 80’s , although it is possible that more are inclined to fade , or that bible studies were “googling” JWs and stopping their study. Comments such as “If these sites were having an effect , we would be seeing an increase - it just isn’t happening on the ground” “The brothers are just not inclined to look up apostate sites - they just aren‘t interested.”

    Bullshit. Of course these sites are having a big impact on the Organization. If they weren't then they certainly wouldn't be going crazy at every assembly telling people not to go onto "apostate" websites. I remember about 2 years ago that one guy at the summer assembly admitted from the platform that they were "losing too many young ones" because of the internet. No longer can they hide behind the curtain like in days gone by. Here in Canada, they've had a zero percent growth over the last several years. Why is that? Probably a combination of their failed prophecies, the gruelling schedule that a Dub is supposed to keep with no reward in sight, the fact that you're not allowed to have a normal life and the internet.

    So whoever told you that apostate websites aren't having an impact on the Organization is a liar.

  • Seeker4

    My thoughts on the Internet and what it has made available are in this topic (Sorry it didn't post as a link. Thanks, Firefox!):

    What Great Resources Apostates Have - Created Bottom Up, Not Top Down!!

    Just click on my name and go to topic history. Maybe someone can link that better for me.
    When I was fading, COs were always asking about viewing stuff online, and one CO at least 8 years ago told me then that the Internet was taking a serious toll on the congregations. The WTS is really scared of the Net - chat groups, porn and anti-JW sites.
    Its power is in keeping new studies out of the org and in giving fading ones immediate access to info that they know from experience is accurate and that gets them out more quickly. You will see instantly that what doubts you have are shared by thousands of others. That was a huge factor for me.
    I was with a bunch of ex-JWs just a couple of weeks ago. Only two of were df'ed, the rest had all faded - but we were all essentially apostate. The Net was a factor with nearly everyone's leaving.
    Personally, I was df'ed most likely for fornication - but I was an apostate long before that.

  • AuldSoul

    While some have contended that since the Resolution only contained agreement to avoid chat rooms, among many other things to avoid, the lengthy demonstration given was specifically regarding apostate sites.

    Why would they devote so much of the program to a non-issue?


  • Quandry

    “The brothers are just not inclined to look up apostate sites - they just aren‘t interested.”

    I was out of town for a few days and just saw this post. I had to reply. The mere fact that this post was viewed over 1,000 times and that there are so many sites when one looks up witnesses or Jehovah on the web is mind-bogling.

    Someone mentioned that many witnesses just aren't interested in the history of the organization --not so. Many are just afraid to say that they are interested. Fear is a controlling factor.

    I remember being out in service a few years ago and a householder told me that the WT wanted to destroy older literature and didn't want people to read it. Of course, I defended the WT, but it always stayed with me.

    Later, when things changed with the generation explanation, I thought about the doubts I had. I was afraid to voice my doubts out loud even to my husband. I knew that when I had looked up the WT official web site, I saw all the other "unofficial" ones. I began to wonder why there would be so many against the WT. I had never imagined so many people would be so determined to make websites against the WT.

    I'll bet others' curiosity has been aroused by viewing all the web sites and their titles. I'll bet many are reading and just afraid, so afraid......

  • saki2fifty
    Re: The real impact of "apostate" sites

    I personally can attest to the internet / apostate sites having an affect on my beliefs. I forced myself to stop reading this crap this past Monday, but found myself still reading. "Crap"? Well, maybe... maybe not. Its crap in the sense that I dont want it to be true...

    Dozy said:
    (3) Frankly , most JWs are almost completely disinterested in doctrine and the history of the WTS , which most "apostate" sites focus on. For them , it is a way of life and such matters are only of a vague academic interest and any objections are easily explained away.

    Yep, completely and utterly disinterested.... at first I guess. But, I now find myself looking up more of the history of the society, its doctrines and so on... all of which I am totally clueless on. Its not something that I want to hear, not something that you all wanted to hear at one time.

    As far as the internet itself, i've always been a firm believer that its the breeding ground for all things bad... is feeding people with filth and crime and embedding new thoughts of things immoral and disgust... and is fueling things such as child porn, rape, incest, swinging, hatred, murder, adultery, etc... all to a great degree. And of course, and apparently, its fueling people to question their faith and beliefs as well.

    On thing that I wish though, is that there were more Pro-JW's sites. Why? Because I want to hear both sides of the argument.. even though your side is very convincing. So where's that Thirdwitness... or you may know him better as Thirwitless.

    hopefully I didn't get too off topic.

    How many of you found out about Ray Franz and Crisis through this medium?
    Nope, no idea. Is this what your talking about? :
  • kid-A

    "On thing that I wish though, is that there were more Pro-JW's sites. Why? Because I want to hear both sides of the argument.."

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