The real impact of "apostate" sites

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  • ignored_one

    Personally it was the internet and 'apostate' sites that led me out.

    Already rather bored at the meetings I googled 'jehovah' one day and up popped one of the Guardian articles regarding them joining the UN.

    Then followed the child abuse issue and I knew I couldn't knowingly support that religion anymore.

    Of course the more I read and studied the more it all fell apart.

    I have no intention of going back. Not even to please family. I just couldn't stomach it. It would be like being forced to watch Titanic again. ;)

  • IW

    The internet has more of an effect on those JWs questioning their faith than those who are happy and sure of their JW beliefs.

    I know many JWs who would not leave simply because of the internet or even Ray Franz' books, myself included. The Society's propensity to shoot themselves in the foot is more damaging to them than the apostate internet sites, imo.

  • JH
    The internet has more of an effect on those JWs questioning their faith than those who are happy and sure of their JW beliefs.

    That's true IW.

    But still, I'm surprised that the CO said the internet wasn't a major reason for people leaving the Org.

    This sounds like theocratic internet warfare.

  • Pistoff

    This site, along,, and especially Quotes, are the thin edge of the wedge.

    They certainly are the sites that woke me up when I researched the sex abuse scandal.

    I am a fader; to DA or be DF'd is not what i want. And there are 5 like me in my family; we talk.

    To think that these sites are not having a huge effect is whistling through the graveyard.

  • uninformed
    here is another factor when one looks at why the ratio hasn't changed. I believe that is very clearly evident here: There is a utter disrespect and outright hostile attitude toward people who take their faith seriously, whether it is cultic JW faith or Christian. Not only that, but the very ones who chastise Christians for intolerance are very intolerant of the above.

    JWs take a glance at some of the titles of the posts and run screaming from here. If they dig a little deeper they find this is the norm. The Watchtower always warns them that 'apostates hate God, the Bible and just want to shipwreck the faith of Christians."

    So many of us 'apostates' are just exactly what they have been warned about. It is one thing to lose faith in a cult, it is another to have one's faith in God also at stake.


    Sad but true. There is a lot of hostility to our former masters.


  • sspo

    Do not be surprised if the society will get rid of their own website. What good does it do when someone is googling it and comes across hundreds of apostate webs.

    Talking to many pioneers in many states and they all say the same thing, they do start studies but after 3-4 lessons they drop out, so it's very hard to have someone to finish a book.

    What i notice at meetings if there is a new one attending it might be a foreign speaking lady maybe with no access to the internet.

    So definetely the internet is having an effect

  • sspo

    How would the DO and CO know about the effect of the internet.

    They did say many fade, those that fade do not reveal why.

    Feel sorry for DO and CO and their wives, many being in the work for decades and they have to continue with the same story about the end being "just around the corner"

    I wonder how many of them still beleive that.

    Would they quit, where would they go after such a huge investment?

  • Klaus Vollmer
    Klaus Vollmer

    The WTS once started as strok with long legs,

    meanwhile they limp like a duck

    in German you say "lies have short legs".

    I wonder when they start creeping like a snail.

    They should awake and confess, that they are in fact different from that what they are saying.

    the spirit which is guiding them must be questioned.

    True christians in history always came down onto the soil, not flying like bottomless ghosts.

    The story to speak always about having the truth does not lead to the conclusion, tha you have it real.

    Their truth is shaped , shaped by foggy behavior

  • jeeprube

    At the very minimum the internet provides a resource of information to those questioning the Governing Body. The key to the entire issue lies in the history of the organization, and who will control that history. For a totalitarian state, i.e. The Watchtower Society, to maintain power, it must control it's own history. Until the internet, the Society could deny it's members the truth about their religions past mistakes and changed doctrines. They can no longer do that. The internet strips the Society of the ability to deny the free flow of information, that is why I believe the internet will ultimately destroy the Watchtower Society.

  • DannyHaszard

    Of course a lot of members are leaving without the Internet because the cult just plain sucks Mole report below from my guestbook Date: 27 Jan 2006


    Hi Danny! The kingdom hall has lost about 50% of their membership over the last 2 years mostly whole families have left the witnesses altogether. Most who remain are inactive some (about 5 families) moved away with no forwarding address. Among those who remain, many are known alchoholics and liars. I heard this is typical with the witnesses. The society has sent pioneers to help them complete the territory, because NO ONE in this congregation even goes out in service.Most of the people just put down a few hours of supposed,informal witnessing to keep the elders off their backs. Rockland Massachusetts Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses has lost about 25%, no new growth in years. Most young ones are leaving. Many inactive. Don't know about the rest. How are you? Often think of you. You are in Maine right? How are the Witnesses up there treating your car, are they still smashing windows or cutting tires? Very christian of them

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