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  • mkr32208

    I always wondered if she was dead! I mean it says she was gang raped and basically crawled back to the house and collapsed on the doorstep but was she dead or just used? I mean those guys back then she was worthless after that so he might have decided to kill her and cut her up! I don't have a bible here but I remember thinking "I wonder if she was DEAD?"

  • Gill

    mkr32208 - 'she was worthless after that' is an interesting attitude that still exists. I remember my father coming round to tell me that my sister had been raped. Do you know what he was crying about? 'Nobody in the congregation will want her anymore. She's 'no good' any more! Who'd going to want her now?'

    Thankfully, a wonderful NON JW man who loves her more than anything!

  • Dansk

    Inscriptions found in Kuntillet Ajrud, an early 8th Century site in Sinai, apparently infer that the goddess Asherah was the consort of Jehovah (YHWH). So, the old crock wasn't averse to getting a leg over!


  • jayhawk1

    I need to learn more about Asherah. Never heard of this Goddess of Jehovah's until yesterday. Makes me wonder if any JW knows about her either. It does make Jehovah sound more and more like the Greek God Zeus or Roman equivilant Jupiter.

  • Dansk
  • jayhawk1

    Thanks, I will read this tonight after work. Maybe Jehovah killed all those people in the bible because Asherah and He were having a bit of a dry spell.

  • Gill

    'Jehovah Unmasked', is an interesting read on this subject. What he instructed and permitted his invading troops to do to the tribes they conquered is quite thought provoking.

    'Loving God?' I doubt it. 'Pervert', quite possibly.

  • Crumpet

    Brilliant thread Jayhawk and some extremely funny (gumbo and Sir James), poignant (Gill) and intelligent (Arthur) and informative (Dansk) responses with it.

  • Joe Grundy
  • LuciousJ

    the bible was 'supposively' inspired by God, therefore written by prophets who thought these accounts were 'need-to-know' material. But, isn't the 'governing body' SUPPOSIVELY also inspired by God? And, further, weren't the books of the bible chosen by worldy bishops???

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