Why do Jehovah's Witnesses churches have no windows?

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  • Kenneson

    Someone asked columnist Phillip Milano of the Jacksonville, Florida Times Union this very question. You will find remarks of several individuals and the reasons they offer, ranging from deterrence to vandalism, to saving on air conditioning bills, etc. Even J.R. Brown gives his two-cents worth and replies to critic Paul Blizzard.


  • earthtone

    That was interesting. I remember someone asking me that before and another person (nonJW) said it was because we didn't the devil looking in. I was always told that it was because of vandalism. And I do recall seeing a KH with windows once.

  • RaceBannon

    Its so that you can't look outside, and get distracted, thereby missing out on "spiritual food".

  • blondie

    But some KHs do have windows.

    Kingdom Hall - Jehovah's Witnesses
    10 Potter's Lane (near Greenview)
    Etna, CA 96027

    Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses



    Established in the 1960s, the Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah’s Witnesses is also located on Route 161 in Daigle.

    Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witness
    Anguilla Churches 10



  • mrsjones5

    The one I went to as a teen in Belmont, Ca had windows. Great big windows behind the stage. It was great. I could stare out the window at the San Mateo/San Francisco skyline. My mother told me they sold that hall and built another in Redwood City. She said something about the old hall having foundation problems (it was built on a downsloping hillside) and that some muslim people bought it. She thought it was funny. I didn't see the humor in it.


    PS the new hall has no windows

  • Mulan

    cheaper to build

    new KH's and remodels have no windows.

  • PopeOfEruke

    A JW relative lives in a small town in Australia where there is quite a large Brethren community, and The Brethren have a church with no windows. Now my Jw relative and others I heard all criticize the Brethren church for having no windows!! Saying they are faraid of the light of truth!!

    I tried to explain that JW Kingdump Halls in the USA have no windows but no-one believes me.

    It's a typical WTS trick to keep witness in one country ignorant of what is allowed in other countries.

    I once explained to an Aussie JW how in Europe where I lived all the JW literature was free!! He couldn't believe it as Australia was still under the Cash'n'Carry plan. Then the government brought in GST (or VAT) and boy! did Jehovah sit up and make a quick change then!


  • Kenneson


    That certainly seems to be the trend. Even Brown remarks: "...but in the U.S. we have given quite a bit of attention to security and vandalism, so we will build halls without windows..."

  • free2beme

    The stock answer I was always told, was that windows are distracting to the people that should be listening. The real reason, I was told by elders who used to have windows in the hall, was that people kept breaking them and it was to inviting to vandals. I think both are actually partly true.

  • Purza
    The one I went to as a teen in Belmont, Ca had windows. Great big windows behind the stage. It was great.

    I remember that hall Mrs. Jones. The speaker was on the stage below and the seats were stepped up so we got to look down on the speaker. The view was cool too. Kinda sad to hear that it is gone.

    The two halls I have officially gone to have had windows. The first one the windows were up high and were useless. The second hall were large windows -- I watched a neighbor take down a beehive with a broom one meeting. Hey -- I had to be entertained somehow.


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