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  • skeeter1

    The August 2006 Awake! quotes on page 6, "Dr. Gariel Pedraza recently reminded his colleagues in Chile that "Transfusion is a poorly defined practice," one that makes it "difficult to...apply universally accepted guidelines."

    So, Dr. Pedraza is saying that doctors do not know what they are doing?

    His article is not about trauma and the need for blood transfusions. It's confined to low blood due to diseases. Yes, he's pro-JW, in that he's treated some JWs, and has used them as test objects to further his medical understanding of how low in hemoglobin a human can go. He is not, however, against using blood transfusions. In fact, he gives administers blood transfusions as this article shows: http://www.redclinica.cl/pmcsts/articulos/245/04UCI.pdf


  • truthsetsonefree

    Just another instance of WT dishonesty.

  • ?me?

    one thing that always gets me is the WTS's unending ranting about how blood transfusions are MEDICALLY bad.

    the fact is that the reason given for not taking blood is supposedly "from the bible", so it does not matter if transfusions were the best thing you could do for your health, they are "illegal" according to the bible.

    so why spend endless articles and videos telling us the medical aspect of it, that makes no difference whether it is great or terrible MEDICALLY, that would have NO influece over a JW"S decision, so why try to back up the choice medically?

    who cares if blood may be tainted? who cares if substitutes are better? who cares if you can live longer with or without a transfusion, by jw law it is not allowed, so no need to try to sway anyone with any other info than that small portion in the BIBLE that the wts uses.

  • lost_light06

    The WTS has to justify why God’s so called ban on blood is actually a protection for us. They use the same arguments for fornication (STD’s), over-drinking and the ban on smoking. This explains why God put the rule in place. Since many of their rules are based on OT laws, of which Christians are not under, they rely on the “principals” of the law to make their rules. For many of their rules this works out (ex: smoking, over drinking) but for the blood ban it doesn’t. The ratio of those who have died from refusing a blood transfusion compared to those who have died from contracted diseases after accepting transfusions is not even close. The blood ban has resulted in the avoidable deaths of thousands. Thus their ban on blood is not rational, it makes no sense that a loving God would have thousands die needlessly for a symbol of life.

  • garybuss

    The Society likes to use rationalization and justification . . . even though those two are the tools of a skeptic.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Intellectual dishonesty!

    They use the Bible in the same way - pick a scripture [or a partial quote] that fits what they are justifying at the moment. They know that most [if not all] witnesses will not bother or even consider looking at the full quotation to see what was intended in the entire argument and context.

    I wish the persons that they misrepresent in these ways would sue them till they bleed [money not blood]. That would get thier attention perhaps and they would soon loose 'credentialled support' [though it is not of course].


  • BluesBrother

    I regret that I must disagree with skeeter1's assertion that this quote is misplaced . I have found many WT quotes that are out of context and I point them out as passionately as anyone, but a) the Awake does not say that this quoted source was discussing trauma b) as a layman reading the linked article I get the clear point that the Doctor is advocating the sparing use of blood transfusions , for the reasons given.

    In the scan , see the Summary for the part that the Awake quoted from . What do you think?


  • Pistoff

    This doctor makes his point; however, the overall principle here is CHOICE.

    Many other doctors disagree with this one; just because they have found one doctor that sniffs at blood transfusion is no reason to conclude he is correct.

    The point for me is use of blood in emergency situations. Talk all you want about blood management in disease, etc; when a person is bleeding out is not the time to quote the doctor they have quoted here.

  • sspo

    If blood tranfusions were so bad as the Watchtower wants everyone to believe, why is it that millions being transfused are not dying off like flies.

  • Hellrider
    It's confined to low blood due to diseases. Yes, he's pro-JW, in that he's treated some JWs, and has used them as test objects to further his medical understanding of how low in hemoglobin a human can go.

    Well, it`s good to know they can be used for something after all.

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