Permanent Make-Up

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  • AudeSapere
    Odrade wrote: The pic in your avatar shows you very tan.

    The picture lies. I'm extremely fair complected with freckles. I burn very easily and have a more 'red' than tan/brown on my skin.

    I really hadn't considered a tatooist...

    JW Daughter wrote: "...the older you get, the scarier it looks."

    I really don't want that!! I was thinking something very subtle and then touch up later, if necessary.

    Black would be too dark for me. Smokey Grey would be much better.

    It's an awful lot of money if I go too subtle, though. Heck, it's a lot of money any way I look at it...

    This is great info/suggestions so far...


  • damselfly

    I would be more concerned at the length (or lack thereof) of training that salons and spa have. Check the link out ~ You too can learn to apply permanent makeup in as short as two days!!

    That is scary.


  • Virgochik

    I've thought about it, but the "permanent" part is scary. What if I come out looking like Tammy Faye Baker, lol? I guess doing lots of research, and having confidence your cosmetician understands exactly what you want is the key.

    Is it really that much bother just to put on the makeup you are in the mood for, every morning? That way, you can change your look for whatever mood you get up in!

    I could be talked into it, if I was very confident in the person doing it, and they could show me before and after examples. Can you find someone who is willing to show you proof of their skills?

    Sounds like fun, keep us posted!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I don't personally know anyone who has had this done, and I don't think there is much call for it in the UK anyway. I wouldn't bother with it, I rarely wear make up nowadays anyway.

  • BizzyBee


    My eyebrows got very sparse after years of overplucking. I had to fill in with a pencil or feel very self-conscious (esp in the morning!) About 4 years ago I went to a professional in permanent cosmetics. My eyebrows are now filled in, look very natural and I am considering getting lips and eyeliner done (lightly) and maybe a little more fill in on brows. It has been well-worth the $300. No regrets. I am all for making life easier.

    BizzyBee, of the "not natural beauty" class

  • Thegoodgirl


    Since you say you don't normally wear makeup, I'd definetly advise you to wear eyeliner everyday for the next two weeks. What will people say? What will you think? Not natural looking?

    Also, I work with a Phillipina (very tan woman) who is in her 60's and had makeup tatooed on. SHE LOOKS FABULOUS. Just always looks polished, etc. But She is the type of woman to wear purple eyeshadow up to her tatooed eyebrows anyway, so the look works for her.

    again, see how you feel wearing real makeup every day and if that's a look you want. I'd think one should do that later in life, but it's up to you.


  • divejunkie

    I can't put eyeliner straight for anything. So I had the eyeliner done - two-tone. It looks great and it wasn't painful. Now I just put on some mascara and off we go.

    The only time it was bothersome (a little) was when she was doing the middle of the eye and switching to the other side and I had to look to the opposite side. For a brief micro-second my iris and the needle were in the same place. Not fun, but again it was a micro-second.

    Only eyelined the top. My friend did her eyebrows, lips, and all over eyeliner. It looks really good. I guess it depends on the technician to make it painless and not Michael Jackson-like.

    Next I'm going to perm my eyelashes. I'll let you know how that goes.

  • misanthropic

    My mom got her eyebrows permanently done a few years ago. She has a constant "surprised" look going on, it scares us all and I must admit I sometimes have a hard time looking her in the face (It doesn't seem like her anymore). The good thing about "regular makeup" is, you can decide to wear it or not. Once it's tatoo'd on you have to wear it no matter what.

  • bluesapphire

    I had my eyeliner done this year. I love it. I had eye surgery for extreme near sightedness. So after the surgery it was difficult for me to do my eyeliner because now I can't see that well close up. this took care of the problem.

    All the girl did was tattoo along the lash line on the top and bottom. It just makes my eyes look like my lash line is more dense. I had to go four times because I couldn't stand the pain though. I am a wuss when it comes to pain. I still have to go back one more time for the final touch-up. The total cost was $225! She was clean and professional and used a new needle each time. She wore gloves too.

    Now I get eye lash enhancement also. My face doesn't look like I have much makeup on, if any. The lash enhancement just looks like I'm wearing a slight dab of mascara, but the thing I love is that I look the same all the time and the lashes are curly so I don't have to do a thing to them. If I'm at the beach, at work, etc. When I feel like it, I add color or mascara. Otherwise, the way I wake up is the way I look all day.

  • AudeSapere

    BizzyBee - We live near each other. Would you mind sharing the name and location of the place you went to??

    TheGoodGirl - Good suggestion. I will do that for two weeks.

    Bluesapphire - Interesting. What is involved in eyelash enhancement and who do you see for that?? Is that done at a normal salon? (And $225 is a more-reasonable price)

    divejunkie - Thanks for the brutal details.

    misanthropic - Oh my! I would definitely not want to have that look. If I go very subtle, just along the lash line, I think I would be fine... I hope I would be fine.

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