Permanent Make-Up

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  • AudeSapere

    Permanent Make-Up.

    Has anyone here looked into it?

    Have you done it or know some who has??

    How did it go? Are you happy you did it and how often to you have to have it touched up?

    I'd like to hear your stories - the good, the bad, and the botched.

    (And if your story is too private, you can pm me.)


  • Crumpet

    Not sure its all that common here in the UK. I'd only have it done say if I lost all my eyebrows and they wouldnt regrow.

    Otherwise I prefer to go au naturel - The last time I wore make up was at the ApostaBBQ in July.

  • damselfly

    Here's what the USDA has to say about it

    I don't usaually wear makeup myself, so I can't see me getting it done anytime soon. I would be most worried about having an allergic reaction to the pigment on my face. Do you have any tattoos already?


  • AudeSapere
    Crumpet wrote: Otherwise I prefer to go au naturel

    I rarely wear make up anymore. (None worn in my Avatar.) I can't remember the last time I wore any. Maybe two months ago??

    But I do like a little definition and accenting.

    My birthday is in two weeks and I usually do something daring for myself. I was going to do a long motorcycle trip but that's been scrapped due the broken ankle and torn-up knee.

    I've been intrigued with the idea of permanent make-up and am considering it. I will be 46 and feel like I need a little facial accenting.

    Anyone else?


  • AudeSapere

    Hi Dams - Great Link! I will print it out when I get to work.

    I have no other tatoos and am not generally hypersensitive.

    Good points to consider, though. Thanks!!

    It's alot of money (almost twice what I expected). The place I am considering is in a very well-known and respected dermatology clinic. They also do much cosmetic facial treatment.

    I was surprised to learn that it only lasts for a few years. (2-7-ish).

    Does anyone know someone who's done this?


  • AudeSapere

    bttt (for the afternoon crowd)

  • damselfly

    <<I was surprised to learn that it only lasts for a few years. (2-7-ish). >> Really? That's surprising to me, although I guess tattoos fade over time don't they?

    I've only come across 1 person who had it done. (eyeliner) It was well done but I thought it didn't suit her as it lined both top and bottom, making her eyes appear smaller in my opinion.

  • Honesty

    A friend's wife had her eyes done for $200 US.

    Eyeliner and lashes.

    They look great.

  • Kudra

    Don't do it!!
    Two words: Michael Jackson.
    Besides- you are a very beautiful girl, don't mess with that face.
    Some things that would be fun could be dyeing your eyelashes (I have done that and have liked the results a lot) getting highlights in hair (haven't done that) or getting a new hair cut.
    Why don't you splurge and go into the city and get one of those expensive professional beauty consultants lwho will advise on a new haircut, makeup style and wardrobe tips?
    That seems like it would be really worth it in the long run- you could have a whole new look, spend a little on yourself and NOT END UP looking like M.J.!!!
    ps -let up know what you do!
    pps- didn't someone on here just get plastic surgery of some sort? They'd probably have a word of advice...

  • caligirl

    A woman I used to work with had eyeliner, lip liner and I think brows and maybe even some blush. She had nothing bad to say about it, and there is something to be said for being able to roll out of bed and be done with it!

    I think the only thing I might consider is eyeliner because it is a pain, and for me, always smudges and I have to constantly worry whether or not I look like a racoon. But I haven't reached the point of checking it out in detail yet.

    Do what feels right for you!

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