IF they were right

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  • PrimateDave

    Interesting read that Armageddon survivors diary. Not very realistic fantasy, though. In my mind, if they (the JWs) are right, it won't be the elders you have to worry about! The late JC and his thought police angels will be out in force to nip any of you Korah, Dathan, and Abiram types in the bud. Having unclean thoughts? Zap!! Feel like jacking off? Watch out that the earth doesn't open up to swallow you up!! Touch a gun and turn into a pillar of salt! At least that's my impression.

  • Justice-One
    Andre and Just-one's story sounds a little like the old movie Red Dawn.

    I always said the commies and JW's had a lot in common.

  • Justice-One

    Day 7...

    Andre woke up and boy is he pissed. We then made plans for a little "field service" on "Elder Hill." Since Andre was still recovering from his wounds, I conducted a recon mission. What I found on Elder Hill was quite disturbing, but not unexpected. The Elders had locked the front gate of the community and posted armed guards. But again, since I never met an Elder or "true believer" that had an IQ greater than 75, it was no problem to slip by them. I then found the house where an Elders meeting was taking place. I overheard them talking about that as the "Glorious Ones" they had a duty to protect the flock now more than ever, so armed guards would now protect them as they worked. Also there was now going to be a meeting every day. The society had also sent word that as soon as possible, "two-way" televisions were to be placed in every room of each home. And of course this includded the bedroom. The brothers had always been there anyway, but now they would actualy be able to watch and make sure that non-JW sex was not practiced. This would allow the brothers to keep constant watch over their sheep.

    I then de-assed the AO, and made my way back to the mountains. On the way I salted their food and water supplies with Ex-Lax. The Elders always were full of shit, and I thought this might help.

    I knew that Andre and I would soon be very busy - for one thing we were going to have to find a place for all the "rebels" to live.

  • gumby

    I'd seduce this chick below to fornicate with me.....a whole bunch of times.....then Id get disfellowshiped, then her and I would become refugees on some island where there wasn't a damn dub in sight, and we'd have our own little paradise and eat lobster and crabs and go naked, and i'd have kids and I'd raise them as mormons and when they grew up and send them off on a mission to the dubs just to irritate the shit out of them.

    The one in the middle is my fornicatin Island babe.

    Gumblue-lagoon rebel

  • KW13

    interesting idea gumby...but remember Jehooooover will be Watching!

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