I guess I won't be re-appointed as a servant again.

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  • rassillon

    I will try to make a long story short.

    Me and my wife (faithful JW) had a problem with an EVIL Pioneer sister elder's wife in our former hall.

    Through the course of trying to work it out we decided we would be better off in another hall.

    I was all down for it cause it will help me to ease back and not be so frustated in doing things I know are bull.

    Well, the situation comes to the point where the sister won't make ammends (long story) and I say "fine, I am done with it"

    I tell the PO that we are moving congregations, so he and another brother want to meet with me.

    I was quite sure it was about me not being forgiving and I souldn't move yada yada yada....

    My wifes mental health is more important.

    Anyway, I bring my digital recorder....The other brother sees it cause I am not trying to hide it. He says I can't record the meeting. I said that because of the things I have been through I am no longer having meetings with ANYONE and not recording them. The PO starts on this thing about trusting in the holy spirit and that by me recording the meeting I am showing that I am not. I ofcourse tell him that that is not an accurate comparisson and that if no one had anything to hide that there should be no harm in it. I told them in no uncertain terms (but respectfully) that I WILL record any and all meetings I have. Several times they tried the whole "spirit directed" insruction and such and that I was ignoring that. I explained that we are all imperfect and that they should be concerned about how I feel because of what I have been through. The tried guilting me some more. Then I just said we can talk about this all day but I am not changing my mind. They said it will be noted that I refused the direction of the slave.

    I soooo wanted to say "ooooohhh not that, your not going to put that on my permenant record are you?"

    but I didn't cause I have to keep things calm.

    Anyway, this is my first type of real organizational protest, and I feel pretty good.

    Just thought I would share.


  • Dansk


    NO, you won't get a good recommendation now

    I've always said that the best thing the society ever did for me was to not appoint me as an elder --------- because I would probably have become as pompous as the rest of them and it would then have been far harder to leave!

    You did yourself a real favour long-term. I only hope your dear wife sees the society in its true light so that you can exit together.

    Best wishes,


  • carla

    How could your recording anything prove you don't trust the Holy Spirit? unless they consider themselves the Holy Spirit. Once again equating themselves with God.

    They can't have it both ways, on one hand they use the 'were just human, make mistakes' argument, on the other hand 'we are guided by God, you must listen to everything we say' argument. If they were truly guided by God or the Holy Spirit they would not make mistakes and they would not fear being recorded or video taped.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I doubt you'd get appointed as well, but do you really want to be? Be thankful for small blessings.

    Imagine serving alongside the guy who threatened to make a note of the fact you refused to follow the direction of the slave! He sounds a pompous ass to me.

  • Stealth453

    I guess I won't be re-appointed as a servant again.

    Servant is the operative word. Do you really want to be a maid?

  • sspo

    Just the fact you did not listen to their direction, you are out.

    Sorry, that's how they operate, you did not show submission.

    Good for you

  • AudeSapere

    Maybe you should have had two recorders. One Overt and one Covert to record the 'lack of submission' lecture discussion.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    They said it will be noted that I refused the direction of the slave.

    So are these two assholes "the slave"? And WHERE will it "be noted"? In a RECORD perhaps??? Fooktards!

    What SCRIPTURAL BASIS did hey offer for you not recording the conversation?

    You are correct that these local untrained volunteers (that's how "PR" Brown has described them) are imperfect hu-mans and are able to make mistakes. You are not unwise to protect yourself from these mistakes. Tell these "elders" to stop hiding behind Jehovah's skirt and step up to the plate.

    They want full UN-accountability for their spew of BS.

  • forsharry

    That so rocks. :)

    You little conscientious objector you! :)

  • MinisterAmos

    I've always found it interesting that the R&F is required to be forgiving even without an apology, but for the Society to forgive there must be "heart-felt repentance".

    Any question about who is supposed to be humble here?

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