The JW dress code.....yuck

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  • JH

    This morning I took a long walk and happened to walk near by a small Christian Church. And I could see them come out of the building after their meeting. They were all dressed differently, some in clean sunday clothes, some in clean jeans, but no one in a suit like the JW's do.

    Just by their dress code, you can tell that the JW's are very rigid.

    Once Jesus said, it's not what a man eats but what's in his heart that counts, so this should apply to the dress code too, "It's not how a person dresses, but what's in his heart"...

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    I was a kid in the sixties and my favorite show was The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Do you know that one? The two head spies always wore suits and looked so cool. I aspired to look as cool as they did and so I enjoyed a nice, well pressed suit. Of course I wasn't doing any substantial spying. Now I have no reason to wear one. Still like getting dressed up when I do. The bad part was being compelled to do it three times a week and more as a pioneer. UGH.


  • kgav8r

    You know, two weeks ago I picked up my JW girlfriend after i got out of church. She commented on my clothes. I was wearing shorts and a decent shirt. She seemed slightly offended that i would wear that to services. I asked her if she thought God cared what i was wearing when i worshipped Him. She said yes, and that it was disrespectful. I'm with you JH, it doesn't matter what we wear, but what is in our hearts.

  • Honesty

    The only reason I wear a jacket and tie on Sunday morning is because I'm an usher.

    No, I don't get in 10 hours a month.

    No, I don't go to 5 meetings a week.

    No, I don't underline and highlight my study aids because I don't want my Bible looking like it belongs to a 2 year-old.

    I wear jeans and a polo or T-Shirt on Sunday night.

    Showed up at a BS right from work one time and got counseled for it. Boy, it's great to be free from that jehovah's witness cult.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    There's a church near here, and there is obviously no dress code there either. Some of the members do go in collar and tie, but many of them turn up in jeans and tee shirts. Imagine the looks you'd get, and the gossip there would be, if you went to the kh dressed in jeans.

  • JWdaughter

    I used to work at a food bank associated with a church, and we would invite folks to services when they were new or if there was a special event (family activity, memorials for servicemen or something)we would hand out flyers. SO MANY PEOPLE would say (and some would mean it) I don't have anything decent to wear to church. And they may not have had anything decent. We would tell them that all we cared about was if they showed up, and if they felt self conscious, we had a clothes bank and they were welcome to use it if they wished.

    When they do get to church, they see that the pastor is dressed up(usually) and everyone else ranges from just off the beach towel casual to dressed to the nines. And they all sit together and worship the same God who doesn't even care if they have clothes or not.

    Gotta say though, if he DID care, I doubt he would care about knees showing, I doubt if he cares about about 3 piece suits(they used to be the 'norm' at my congregation), but I bet he WOULD be offended by totally ugly clothes in unattractive wash and wear fabrics(because clothes that would require CARE would take away from ones duties to the organization, don't you know!!). I bet he would be offended by NYLONS. And he may think ties are pretty ridiculous also. Worst clothing accessories I have ever seen are WTs though, don't you agree?

  • JH

    When a brother goes to the hall dressed with a suit, like what's expected of him, he shows that he is obedient to the Watchtower. It has nothing to do with being clean, but being obedient.

    So the JW dress code is just a sign that you're obedient to whatever they say.

    Dressing otherwise means that you're rebellious, even if it's very clean.

    The reason the Watchtower doesn't want anyone to wear just anything, even if it's clean, is because this opens the door to independent thinking.

  • Arthur

    A new bible study being greeted at the Kingdom Hall . . . . .

  • hamsterbait

    JH is right on this.

    In the RC you can go to early mass after the nightshift down a mine, and the priest will not refuse communion because you have not rushed home to shower shave and change first.

    I missed many meetings after work because I hadn't the time to wash and change when I got home. I knew that people would be looking at me and judging me in their heart (JW are the most judgmental people on the planet)

    I think you should just wear what you are happy with. I would not want to attend a wedding in shorts tee-shirt and flip-flops. Some people want to wear Sunday best, others love God just as much in their shorts and hawaiian shirt.

    In the 17th and early 18th century, there were men who worshipped Jesus in a wig and lipstick and they were just as blessed by God as anybody today.


  • RichieRich

    I too always liked my suits.

    I liked the power I had when I put one on- it felt so nice.

    But damn wearing those things in field service, feeling like you're going to die.

    and damn going shopping in it either.

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