Which flavor of "Christendom" did you think was most demonized? (when a JW)

by Wasanelder Once 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • TopHat
    In my imagination, once the service began, the doors would be bolted and the cross would swing upside down and they would pray to Satan instead of Jehovah!

    HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA THAT IS FUNNY....The cross would swing upside down! hehehhee

  • jayhawk1

    Without a doubt Catholic, because they teach Peter was the first Pope and as a JW, I thought Peter, Paul and the origional apostles made up the origional Governing Body.

  • pepheuga

    they were all the same to me. i was so totally ignorant growing up as a jehovah's witness that i did not know the difference between one christian religion and another. i did not know if there were more catholics in the world than christadelphians, and certainly had no demon grade index! i was content with this of course, and no dub was keen to enlighten me. i'd be amazed if that's changed lately, and i suspect that if a born and growing dub has learned anything at all about what differentiates one christian religion from another, he has probably learned it from this site! pepheuga

  • juni

    Assembly of God - Pentecostals. True "holy rollers".


  • Mysterious

    Pentecostals. The whole speaking in tongues and rolling around on the floor stories really got me.

  • Satanus

    I thought it was the pentacostalists. 'Course now, since demons are a christian concept, i don't believe in them, at least not the christian demons.


  • Inquisitor

    Wasanelder Once,

    I suppose that depends on what tone of meaning you attach to "demonize"

    If you mean which denomination was most maligned by the WTS, I guess you could say it was the Catholic church. But I suspect that the reason for this has more to do with the fact that 1) it has the longest history and thus longer record of errors to pick and choose from 2) there is a plethora of criticisms against the Catholic church written up by both professional and amateur spiteful (rightfully so?), evangelical Protestants. WTS only had to borrow these ideas and publish them as their own

    If you mean which denomination was most feared by the WTS, I suspect it would have to be the Pentecostals. Claims of a higher emotional experience (i.e. true happiness, a connection with God etc etc) and of miraculous healing feats must be a constant source of ire that needed discrediting by the GB.

    That's my two cents.


    p.s. has anyone told you that your avatar gives some people the goosebumps ?

  • jgnat

    I my experience, the society speakers glom all the churches together, not distinguishing one from the other. I've heard rampant pedophelia (Catholic) malinged alongside gay preachers (United Chruch).

  • Warlock

    Any religious group that spoke in tongues.


  • Shining One
    Shining One

    Some pentecostals: howling, holy laughter, chaotic jabbering in tongues, rolling in the aisles, slain in the spirit, drinking poison are all pretty demonstic to me!

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