# 5 of resolution at DC

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  • moomanchu
    Was this one of those moments that they then expected thunderous applause?
    Did they ask at the convention for YEAs and NAYs when passing this resolution?

    No applause. at the end of the resolution they asked all those in favor say aye, crowd then says aye. What a joke they never ask all those not in favor.

    I'm starting to wonder if these resolutions aren't legal cya things, that way they can say "hey you agreed to it remember the 2006 DC".

    Why join exercise classes, which are a futile attempt to perpetuate lasting health - something only God's Kingdom can do?

    Excellent points lol

    I always think of the chapter in the bible where paul says if you won't work neither should you eat because some brothers were just waiting for Jesus not doing nothing.

    The list of itmes is quite long, and they don't even give the people a copy of it so they will know later to what they have agreed.

    True it was at the end of the last talk on sunday. There are 7 points to the resolution.

    speaker gives illustration he says "I can remember one of the governing body saying last days, last days all you people talk about is the last days and then someone said

    well what do you expect to hear in the last days"? audience soft "chuckle chuckle"


  • jayhawk1

    Gary's Bro said,

    "You're the reason Armageddon isn't coming yet. You're keeping the world from being bad enough that Jehovah will destroy it."

    So you're to blame for this system not coming to an end. At last new light! So this is why the Watchtower had to keep changing it's 1914 generation. I am looking forward to the next DC when the book, "It's all Gary Buss' fault this system hasn't ended" is released.

  • hamsterbait

    The info was provided in a post by Dogpatch a couple of years ago, on this board.

    I can't tell you the name of the post. I ought to find out how to do a search for old threads.


  • done4good

    This resolution stuff is just over the top. I looks like I got out in the nick of time.


  • jrjr4189

    Someone posted the link to a site that had the District convention available to listen too. Does anybody have that?

  • Gordy
    We utterly refuse to become involved with futile interfaith movements
    as well as social programs and schemes designed to perpetuate a system that God has condemned as a failure.

    So let me see, they are telling their members not to get involved in "social programs and schemes" in other words don't give to charities/welfare/disaster relief etc.

    Why? Because its perpetuating this system.

    In other words my giving to say Red Cross, Famine Relief, Disaster Relief (eg the Tsunami Relief) is somehow stopping the God of this Universe, the only True God Jehovah, from bringing Armageddon. Do they mean Jehovah can be bought off?

    I think I will up my donations!

  • moomanchu


    here's the link to the 2006 DC http://www.evanjhoush.com/wtb&ts/2006/deliverance.at.hand.district.convention/

    I downloaded a couple of talks and listen to them while I surf the JWD forum.

    The resolution is towards the end of the last talk.

    58 were baptized at this conv. from ages 10 to 91.

  • bebu
    he got pissed and told me "You're the reason Armageddon isn't coming yet. You're keeping the world from being bad enough that Jehovah will destroy it."

    Gary, sounds like you are truly the salt of the earth then. And according to Jesus, that is supposed to be a GOOD thing.

    With resolutions like this (#5), do you think they will be able to defend their tax-exempt status?? They try to show themselves a charity, but 1) they do nothing charitable and 2) they will not affirm any other legit charity.

    I'm really shaking my head over this way to restrict people from acting out kindly in any form.


  • M.J.

    What about the OT principle of "gleaning" which the WT study emphasized a couple of weeks ago that still should apply today?'

    Lev 23:22: 22 "When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. Leave them for the poor and the alien..."

    How much food and material needs are JWs encouraged to leave for those that are "alien"?

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