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  • SirNose586

    I don't know if this sort of reasoning is local, but around here, social programs are dismissed as "putting a new coat of paint on a condemned building" or "patching up the holes on a sinking ship." Don't they know? You can't give someone a tract or a watchtower and expect them to get up and run down to the kingdom hall if they have nothing to eat or nothing to wear.

    I hated having to work with the watchtower on "how does God view the poor?", when it was clear that we did nothing for poor people in the first place. And if anyone said, "Well, I'm involved in a charitable work," how could we build on that? I really couldn't say, "Well, that's nice, but that's only a temp fix" or "that doesn't provide for their spiritual well-being." I really couldn't bring myself to say that to the householder. I wanted to say, "Wow, you're a lot more helpful than I am. Good day."

    Also, I really hope colleges wise up and deny witness kids who use field service as "community outreach." What have you really done? You've upset more people than you've reached. You haven't put up a coat of paint on a house. You haven't picked up any trash. You haven't coached a kids' football game. In short, you've given nothing. You provide conditional help, the condition being time-consuming association with the congregation. Hell, that doesn't even guarantee that you'll be helped. Hopefully someone in the congregation will take pity on you and help you out, provided you're in Good Standing TM .

  • V

    UN, UN, UN

  • Spectre

    Was this one of those moments that they then expected thunderous applause?

  • parakeet

    ***Why don't they have there own social programs to help their own people since it is also their Christian duty?***
    Their reasoning is that if the ship is sinking, you throw life preservers (WTS lit), not food, clothing, or social services. It's also a very convenient and pious-sounding excuse for bringing money into the WTS without having to spend any on charity.

  • LeslieV

    Hmmm seems intersting since I run a social service program, and we have witnesses that come and take all they can get. It isn't likely that the "brothers" will provide food if they are in need.


  • Arthur
    We utterly refuse to become involved with futile interfaith movements

    as well as social programs and schemes ( nonfutile ones are ok?)

    designed to perpetuate a system that God has condemned as a failure.

    This line of reasoning is very irrational and even a bit infantile. Think about what they are saying. Refuse to become involved with social programs designed to perpetuate a system that God has condemned as a failure. Would this not include just about anything that is a part of this system? In line with their own reasoning; why bother investing in 401k or IRAs - which are part of this financial system? Why join exercise classes, which are a futile attempt to perpetuate lasting health - something only God's Kingdom can do?

    This is a church that has absolutely no support groups, no charitable projects, and no professional counseling for people who need it. JWs have no choice but to engage in some outside programs for help. I have noticed that several JWs have had to join certain organizations and programs for such things as addiction recovery and support for depression, because the JW religion provides nothing of the sort for it's people. The GB has the twisted idea that reading Watchtowers, and going door-to-door is the cure-all for everything.

    I, for one, am getting really sick and tired of these studpid resolutions that get passed. They are just rhetoric. They are childish scripts filled with cliches, platitudes, and recycled talking points.

  • VM44

    Did they ask at the convention for YEAs and NAYs when passing this resolution?

    What would they do if when asking for NAY votes people shouted NAY?

    Or do they even ask if there are any NAY votes?

    --VM44 (of the tired of saying what is expected class)

  • VM44

    I want line item veto power for this resolution!

    The list of itmes is quite long, and they don't even give the people a copy of it so they will know later to what they have agreed.

    The Watchtower has written against people making "New Year's resolutions" that they do not keep, is this convention resolution any better that those?

    The whole thing appears just so childish!


  • hamsterbait

    The WT is already involved with social and interfaith movements in Russia, and other countries.

    Some involve working with scientology, the Mormons and the Moonies and the UN.

    Does this mean in Weasel Tower speak that they will carry on being involved in these, but not get involved in further ones, or is it an attempt to ensure that less Dub ca$h goes to real charities instead of the GB Fishing Holidays in Alaska Fund?


    # 7 is a classic cult technique "Milieu Control" they forbid contact or association with those not approved .

  • Arthur
    Some involve working with scientology, the Mormons and the Moonies and the UN.

    I know what you mean by the UN, but where did you get information about them working with Scientology, Mormons, and Moonies? Could you explain where you got this information and provide some examples?

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