Complete Audio Recordings of 2006 DC Talks

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  • VM44

    Does anyone know where one can get a pdf of the 2006 convention program? --VM44

  • Dansk

    You ARE joking, of course!


  • UpAndAtom

    Wow! This is really an eye opener, having never attending a convention. First let me quote the parts I found weird, and then I will make my comments.

    The speaker says, "...many teenagers find Jehovah’s laws too heavy... too burdensome... perhaps"

    "If your child truly loves Jehovah, his expressions will be similar to this..."

    “…let’s look at first John 5:3….”

    Reads from Bible, “…we observe his commandments [Jehovah’s]… and yet his commandments are not burdensome.”

    “So we observe them joyfully, we appreciate those commandments. So how are our children doing? … Do they appreciate those reminders, those commandments?”

    “Well hopefully so, if not, perhaps that’s an area we need to work on.”

    …and strangely that’s the end of that subject and onto the next topic where the same theme is expanded in similar fashion.

    If an ox is burdened with a heavy yoke, pulling a heavy load, does the ox appreciate the reminder that his load “should not be heavy” because he loves his master? The advice from the WatchTower is ‘If the ox does not appreciate the master, then perhaps that’s an area the ox should work on.’

    Or does Jesus draw the analogy that the ox will appreciate the master because the master does not burden the ox with a heavy load?

    This simply analogy using simply farming concepts for a simple person is pretty hard to screw up. Is it just me, or have The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc got this all backwards?

  • Blueblades

    The last talk on the third day:"Keep In Expectation as Jehovah's Day Nears". I been keeping in expectation for 37 years. NEARS, when? What time frame does NEAR fit into? How long have you been keeping in expectation? I no longer expect anything they keep on telling us.


  • Bryan

    I can't seem to get the files to work.

  • kgav8r

    Quote from Download Site:

    As many know we Jehovah's Witnesses hold several conventions throughout the world. This one was held July 14th,15th,&16th at the Leonard E. Merrell Center in Katy, Texas. Somewhat smaller than previous venues.

    (bold italics mine)

    Just thought this line was funny!


  • codeblue

    Thanks Alan..........after I get moved I will check them out!!!

  • somebodylovesme

    Thanks for posting these!!

  • Anitar

    To UpandAtom:

    Yes, the WTS has it all backwards, but they know what they're doing. Think about every magazine you ever read, and every meeting you ever attended. Of course, they reference their bible many times, and give the appearance of divine wisdom, but you have illustrated a brainwashing tradition that reaches back almost 100 years.

    Everytime the WTS is handing down new instructions, setting dates for armageddon, making excuses for no armageddon, or any thing else, they always compare their motives and solutions to the BIBLE or people who lived in biblical times. This delivers a VERY POWERFUL subliminal message, meaning that every direction from the "slave" is directly from God.

    Now, by comparison, everytime they give advice/dictatorship on how to live, what to read, what to wear, what to think, and who to talk to, THE WTS ALWAYS compare the rank and file to either animals or inanimate objects. This subliminal message means that thay can't think for themselves, human nature is oversimplified to the level of a dog, and that the rank and file really are no more than cattle.

    Don't believe me? Take a look at the back cover of the May 15th 2006 Watchtower, there's an article about how women are exquisite as a Tiffany lamp, and every bit as much a man's property.

    This repetitive oversimplification takes its toll on the psyche, until eventually the dubs believe their problems really are no more complex than an ox. This mentality comes in handy later when shunning is involved. It's all part of the WTS brainwashing. Please write back and say what you think.


  • jayhawk1

    I for one will not be listening to them. Once my dad had this brilliant idea to buy a tape recorder and record the entire DC. I think it was 1985. So we had this big ol radio we had to drag in along with our drinks and sandwiches. Dad was too cheap to buy much of the DC food they provided at the time. Well, the tapes got recorded while the batteries held up, but they were never replayed. I came across them about 8 years ago and threw them out.

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