Panic Disorder/Agoraphobia?

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  • Auchmull

    I've had a panic disorder for years (with depression). I also have the agoraphobia, but my symptoms have waxed and waned over the years. I've been on more medications than I can begin to list (or remember) - some worked for a while, some not at all. Right now I take prozac and have ativan for "emergencies."

    You might want to work with a doctor to find the right combination for you, but try not to let yourself get stuck in the house. Once you do, it gets harder and harder to get out without serious intervention.

  • Gill

    Can I know more too, Warlock!!!

    Caligirl! I've had this for years. The only way to combat it, it to accept it and allow it. Allow the panicing and let the 'worst' happen. In time, it holds no fear for you anymore. It takes practice, but it works. I have been given tranquillizers for emergencys but NEVER taken them. I use Valarian, to relax and then I go and do what I have to do. If I be it!! If I make an ass of myself....go do it!!

    I have been travelling for two weeks. It has been a nightmare every time I had to step out of the house and go in the car! You know what...I did it anyway.

    I realised that this was me. I had to just accept the fear and terror was there and still do it. Since then, infact since that very thought clicked completely into place I have found coping with it a lot easier.

    I look at my husband and realise that not just him, but all of the family was affected by my fear. I have decided to let the fear come, and just do it. In time, I know it will go. There are many many books on this method of removing anxiety and agoraphobia. Buy them all and read them. Practice, practice, practice......

    In stressful situations the anxiety will come back, after all, it is part of your character, but you practice allowing it and letting the worst happen...and before you know it.... you're the boss again!

  • gumby
    I have Xanax to be used, which is like an instant cure and fantastic, but my doctor doesn't want me to use it very often, and doesn't want me to drive while taking it either, which presents a problem.

    The problem is that I am starting to notice that 90% of my panic attacks occur when I leave home (as in get in the car to go places)

    My wife has the same problem. She too was on Xanax but the doc later prescribed Lexapro which is for depression but it took care of the attacks. The problem with this is....she lost all her sex drive and gained alot of weight.....but no panic attacks.

    A good friend of mine recommended a book for me to read as I was having many bouts of anxiety and depression on and off.

    The book is called, THE MOOD CURE, by Julia Ross. This book described to a tee the feelings I was having. The cure are a few herbs that level out the brains chemistry that causes many of the problems that have been related here, however it also recommends caution to those taking other medications.

    The results least to me... happened very quickly although it has only been a couple of weeks since I started the herbs which basically fuels the brain of any lacking ingrediants that keep you mentally stable as far as anxiety, depression etc. It's worth the read ....although I just started the book


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Yeah, I break into an uncontrollable panic and sweat like crazy when I get near those sweaters!

    Oh, crap, sorry, I'm thinking of "Angora-phobia".



  • MsMcDucket

    Panic attacks are no joke. They are absolutely horrible. I choose to take medications to control mine. And I say, to each his own. What works for you, may not work for others. I've had this disorder since 1985. I've learned a lot about it, I've read books on it, and even joined a newsgroup regarding the topic. Man, did we have arguments about whether to take medications or not. I'm sure if you look up ASAP (alt support anxiety panic), that you will find many of my rants and attacks on others about my stance. I'm not going to tell you my nick, but it won't be that hard to figure out.

    I've been throught the gauntlet of SSRI's. The only one that I can take is Zoloft. I can take benzodiazepines (Xanax and Klonopin). There are many other kinds of benzodiazepines. I have found that there are doctors who are pro medication and that there are doctors that are against medication. Of course, I go to the doctors that are pro medication.

    These groups talk about herbal medications, hypno-therapy, breathing techniques, and what have you. Many of the people who were housebound didn't take medications, but felt that they were controlling their symptoms with the above mentioned therapies. Then there were people who would blast the people that were taking medications. Some of these ones were on Social Security while the ones that took the medications were able to work or, at least, get out of the house and do more with their families.

    Definitely, find out what works for you. Don't let others sway you in any way. If it's hypno-therapy, go for it! If it's, the so-called medical guru woman that does infomercials (I can't think of her name.), go for it! If it's staying away from lactic acidosis (Ringer's Lactate), do it! I've gotten over the newsgroup ASAP. I haven't been there in years, but you may find it of help.

  • Gill

    MSMcDucket - I agree with you, that each person has to deal with this problem in a way that they find helps them individually because the causes of panic are all different. Perhaps that's the cause of the argument on how to deal with it .... different triggers.

    But, 'dealing with it' is the only answer in the end, not masking it. It may be that to 'deal with it' will always take meds for some long as they know 'why' it's happening.

    Others find that they just have to 'go through it' to get over it. I've battled with this problem, of and on, since I was about 12...that's for thirty years now. So far, it always resolves with 'talk therapy' and herbs....but it ALWAYS returns after so many years. Having been to group therapy and seen how so many people get through it but also need some form of meds, it seems that 'accepting and embracing' the problem is the only way to survive it. To each his own in coping with it.

    It is 'my' problems, and I have to deal with it the best way that I can, has to be each person's answer to this.

    Since I have accepted that I will always have it, I have felt a lot more peaceful and able to manage with it.

  • Hellrider

    I have panic disorder, and have had it, as well as depression, for years. You say your doctor has given you xanax. I think you should know that ok, if it`s a really bad attack, then take a xanax, but if you can, don`t take it! Xanax, valium, sobril, stesolid etc all have in common that when the drugs are leaving the body, the anxiety and panic just gets worse! And this is how to get addicted to these meds: You take one because you have anxiety, and then you feel fine. After a few hours, the effect stops, and after some additional hours, you start feeling anxious again, and it`s even worse than before. This is because as the drugs leave the body, they create abstinence, which just cause more anxiety/panic (in addition to the one you allready have). Then take another pill...and as this one also goes out of the body, take another one...etc. And there goes the whole ballgame...

    If you can, don`t take them.

  • MsMcDucket
    But, 'dealing with it' is the only answer in the end, not masking it. It may be that to 'deal with it' will always take meds for some long as they know 'why' it's happening.

    My motto is: If it going to keep you from killing yourself, take it! But if it's going to make you kill yourself, don't take it!!

  • caligirl

    Thanks everyone for the continued input! I appreciate it all.

    My method of dealing with it is to go out and do what I have to do when I have to do it. Do I feel better on those days when I know that the farthest I will have to go from my house is my driveway? Absolutely? Will I let that stop me? No way. I love life too much to let it control me, but that doesn't mean that I enjoy my outings all the time. Most of the time, I have a pain in my chest the entire time. But I know that it will go away as soon as I am home( most of the time), and that most of my errands mean I am out of the house for only an hour or so. It is when I am out for several hours at a time that I have trouble with it. I just don't leave home without the xanax just in case.

    I am just of the opinion that the best place to go for suggestions is to people who have experienced, or are experiencing the same thing, and I thank all of you who have stepped up and offered suggestions. I am going to put many to use and will let you all know what works.

  • Ade

    Hi ,
    I am having real bad panic / anxiety attacks ,sending my blood pressure up etc .
    its doing my head in . any help would be greatly appreciated.

    i get symptoms where i feel sort of out of body and my hands feet and legs tingle which leads to even more panic and my resting pulse shoots through the roof .I Just got the results back from blood tests liver and kidneys are fine i have slightly high cholesterol ( for which theyve prescribed medication ) .

    all the best -Ade

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