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  • funkyderek
    If someone wants to criticize the LDS, WTS, Roman Catholic, Islam, whatever, we have total freedom to do this.

    The LDS, WTS, Roman Catholic Church and Islam all suck.

    Ah, sweet freedom!

  • ElderBarry

    This isnt a plea for the LDS Church, but a plea for everyone to let go of "precious" and find their way back to God, to Love, whatever Path that winds up being. Thats all. Whether they want to call "God" the Tao or some other word. I thought I was really clear this isn't about the LDS Church, but about the hurt that we cherish after the JW experience, our "precious."

    Hi JW Daughter and Crumpet. Thanks for understanding. Neither of you seems in the least Gollumish. Sheesh that reads stupid. Gollumish. Sounds like maybe its Sumerian. I hoped people would just read the post and start to think and maybe open up a bit more to God, however they conceive God. I thought, fo a while, there must not be a God since the JWs are so terrible.

    Kid-A, get a grip on reality! I'd chase you down and kiss you if I was there. I don't post to advertise the LDS Church and if you had been wearing your thinking cap (my dad used to say that to me, yes I HATED it) as you read my posts you'd know that. I've stated over and over I don't literally believe the LDS Church. What my posts have been about it to try to encourage people to let go of the bitterness, fear, anger, and disillusionment and let God back in. Just as I posted before, I don't care if you call God the Tao, the Universe, Brahman, Nirvana, or Popsicle, just let that LOVE back in and let it give you hope and meaning again. I am the last one to conform, K-A. Again, if you had been wearing your thinking cap when you read my posts you'd klnow that I think Mormonism, and all religion, is mythology. How is that conformity? God loves you Kid-A. I can tell you that once you find your Spiritual Home it will seem all the more glorious for having been Trapped In The Tower.

    jgnat, of course someone can criticize the LDS Church. I've already come across a number of such posts searching this site. So what? Criticize away. I'll be there like ug on ugly if it's not accurate. I simply don't care for diversionary tactics. They're silly and dishonest. I thought the mouse guy was being diversionary.

    Full of doubt now, good for you! Your icon feels very free too. Why the LDS Church? I dont know if you've read my profile or any of my other posts. I chose the LDS Church because I was looking for one thing and one thing only: God's love. I don't care about doctrines. I care about fruit. I'm not a solitary person but very social. So I chose a group that was very alive, took good care of each other, took good care of those not part of the group, a group that showed love in their actions not just words. I tried pentecostals and baptists and methodist and lutherans and catholic and a bunch of others. I found my home in the LDS Church.

    Scully, my feelings were hurt and I got a little emotional. I'm over it. Are you? God loves you Scully, because God IS love. The love you feel for your children, your siblings, your extended family, your friends, your neighbors, co-workers, your country, thats God. God is love. No that "God is a loving Being." John didn't say that. He said "God is love." Ther ground of being is Love. Now that takes faith, faith in ones own subjective experience of love.

    FUNKYDEREK! YES THEY ALL SUCK! Even the LDS Church for a LOT of people! That's why everyone should find their own path to and in God. To divine Love. I have a sneaking suspicion you already have by the playful spirit of your post! I feel that same freedom, but I know that a LOT of people woulnt feel it in any organized religion.

    Yours in LIFE,

  • jgnat

    Sorry, you still sound preachy to me. There are more honest ways of encouraging people to keep God in their lives than the way you have gone about it.

    I, for one, hope that the adjective gollumish does not catch on.

  • Kudra

    I think your post was nice.
    I would never be in the LDS faith.
    THis post is about the Gollum analogy you made however, and that is a really nice thought/metaphor.

  • Warlock

    All I can say is..................WOW.


  • MegaDude
    I don't care if you call God the Tao, the Universe, Brahman, Nirvana, or Popsicle, just let that LOVE back in and let it give you hope and meaning again.

    Well, you're not a Mormon then. And because you're not a Mormon you shouldn't really talk about choosing the Mormon Church. Because you didn't.

  • daystar
    but a plea for everyone to let go of "precious" and find their way back to God, to Love, whatever Path that winds up being.
    if you had been wearing your thinking cap
    to let go of the bitterness, fear, anger, and disillusionment and let God back in.
    God loves you Kid-A.
    God loves you Scully,

    These are examples of what you write that sound preachy to me. Especially when you tell someone who is an atheist that God loves them. "You may not believe in Jesus... but he believes in yooooo...."

    Those sorts of sentiments just sound rather peachy to many. Also, the tone of your posts, to me, sound very superior and slightly self-righteous. You may hedge it by saying "whatever path", etc. But that doesn't change the tone much.

    Do you realize that people are able to walk a path of love without necessarily believing in God, or subjecting themselves to any creed? It is. It is very possible for a man or woman who has no belief in a higher power to also love.

    I think you sound sincere. But if I wanted to listen to street preacher, I'd go downtown and find one.

  • daystar


    Something else I just considered... how can you speak of God's Love when you make sidelong jabs at people by saying things like "if you'd been wearing your thinking cap"? Kid-A is quite intelligent, and you seem to be making a jab at him by making such comments.

    Perhaps you should explain what you mean by "God's Love". For certain, both of those words mean very different things to different people.

  • ElderBarry

    Daystar, you're so off the wall. I'm not being preachy, but even if I was thats my right, just as its your right to be obnoxious and over bearing. If I want to tell an atheist that God is love and God loves them, I'll do exactly that. Just as the atheist will insist there is no God. More power to them! As to being self-righteous, you're imputing fundamentalist stuff to me, and I'm not fundamentalist. I don't believe, really believe, ANY religion. I have said over and over they're all mythology. The only Reality is the experience of God's love. I'm not going to repost everything for you Daystar, so click on my post history (its short) and get to know me, NOT THE IDEA OF ME YOU'VE INVENTED IN YOUR HEAD FROM EVERY FUNDY YOU'VE HAD TO CONTEND WITH! Daystar, the most AUTHENTIC thing about me here is the very thing you have convinced yourself is FAKE! I'm talking about my Spiritual Relativism. The only "truth" is to find that inner LOVE and JOY and FREEDOM. I found it in returning, through MUCH therapy, to where I was pre-WTS. I love the LDS people. I enjoy it. Is it for everyone? OF COURSE NOT!

    WHATEVER it is people that the GB stole from you, inside, I want you to RECLAIM it! I want you to LET GO of Precious that the GB INFLICTED on you...YES THEY INFLICTED IT ON ALL OF US, ME TOO..I want to see ALL of us FREE AGAIN INSIDE. I offered the LOTR analogy as a way to see the problem that was extremely helpful to me in letting go and having a VICTORY over the Brooklyn Bastards.

    jgnat, I've been reading lots of old posts here and the atheists and anti-God contingent are WAAAAAY beyond "preachy!" They're STRIDENT and DOMINEERING! So, pardon me if I don't don't cowtow.

    I'd give all the toes on my feet to see 10 of you set free of the GB. I'm not your enemy.

    Kudra, THANK YOU!! Whatever it was Kudra they took from you and destroyed, take it back and rebuild it.

    Hi Warlock! I'm glad, really and truly glad, you enjoyed the analogy.

    Megadude, the LDS Church is my chosen Path. There are more of us relativistic Mormons than you'd be comfortable knowing about right in your own ward. If you read, wih understanding, my profile and posts, then I don't understand your sudden reaction. I chose the LDS Church because of the love I experience. Maybe if I was in a more fundie type ward it would be different, but I'm not.

    I still hold forth the Gollum analogy. It's spot-on for any former cultist whose life was wrecked and whose inner being was betrayed and raped.

    Yours NOT in the grasp of the GB,

  • jgnat

    But Gollum was lusting after a valuable thing, a symbol of power. I have seen people destroyed by their lust for power. Bitterness holds no power, though the people who carry it do cling tightly so. Some of the athiests/agnostics here I would characterize as strong, insightful and capable. Not bitter. Strident? Yes. Evangelizing? Rarely, except for Terry.

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