Last Assembly ever!

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Well the Lions and Tigers have a new playground now in the Motor city. I don't know what the plans are for the SD now. Demolition eventually I suppose. One thing for sure - I have no intention of ever being near any District Convention in my life - unless it is to protest. And that seems a waste of time in those venues to me.


  • heathen
    Go running back to an organization that was and still is involved with the UN???? I don't understand the logic of that one at all!!!

    I thought they gave up their library pass because we discovered the facts .

  • JWdaughter

    Sorry I don't have the sources, but I have seen elsewhere that other branches of the org under different legal names still have NGO status with the UN. I remember specifically one that is from Great Britain-somewhere.

  • heathen

    Now that's interesting . Anybody else with info on that? Not even most of the people in the US like the UN anymore so I can see the 2 horned beast taking over but the US government seems to not want to give up the idea of globalization so will continue to say the things it does is in behalf of the wolds best interests thus projecting the image of the scarlet beast . I don't see how the WTBTS can say it's without spot from the world if it signs the type of agreement it did to maintain it's NGO status . They promised not to discredit other NGOs in anyway nor demonize the government . I don't get how they can maintain their possition of sepperation from the world while being a member . Their bread and butter was the demonizing of other religions and man made government and now they can't even speak badly of the catholic church which is a member of the UN as a sovereign nation even . There doesn't seem to be an official WTBTS explanation of any of this , just alot of web speculation .

  • Rabbit

    Silly people...Armageddon CAME already in 1975 ! I was pioneering, just about to eat another donut at Dunkin' Donuts...I farted. It smelled strange, but, sweet with cinnamon accents. But, I digress, Jesus came in and sat down with us. He told us the big "A" just happened (as I farted) but, nothing seemed any different.

    Jesus explained, "Like my 2nd coming in 1914...Armageddon is invisible. Only you Pioneers can see it."

    I've been keeping that secret for 31 long years, sorry, I just could not take the pressure anymore.

    Shhhhhh...don't tell anybody else.

    Rabbit (Living in PairofDice since '75)

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