What would be the Ideal Church for you?

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  • acadian


    Although you've quoted a number of texts, they don't actually speak of "church" which is found only in Matthew 18:17 and 16:18.

    Hmmm... funny my bible does, go figure? New International Version And yes, what I posted is right on point. G'day Ozzie Acadian

  • Shmoe

    Greetings All!

    There are alot of people out there that have no clue where to turn or even where to begin looking for those answers we all individually ask. I'm not here to church bash because I know they serve a purpose but let me explain something; after years of growing up in an abusive JW home, many years & thousands of hours searching & researching other religious organizations world wide as well as not so orgainzed beliefs, I have only found spiritual wisdom and God's TRUE love within myself. There are SO MANY scriptures that clearly advise us as individuals. Organized religions have thwarted individuals' spiritual growth for CENTURIES by controlling and manipulating Historic writings, some of which are in the Bible and others that have been kept away from public eye for what ever reason and or FEAR the "church" leaders have had let alone adding bunches of man made hoopla.

    Basicly, NO ONE needs a church or any other orginzation to have a relationship with their family members like a brother, sister, cousin, or even a friend, WHY WOULD YOU NEED ONE TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR FATHER, OUR CREATOR, THE ONE THAT KNOWS ALL? THOSE WHO SEEK SHALL FIND! I sought with all my heart to know God and be a true servant. I pray and over time, I am learning more than any human could ever teach me. GOD BLESSES ALL WHO SEEK HIM IN LOVE AND TRUTH but I'm not saying it's easy. Scripture even states that the rightous path is the least traveled. There is not and there never has been a life without problems, but it is the presence of problems and the way we choose to handle them that determines the QUALITY of individual's life. LIFE is a TINY fraction in eternity. Why would one limit learning in a man made / controlled "church" when there is the ideal place known as the Whole World which was created by God? The world is my Church! I believe & pray to God no matter where I am and I love it!

    No offence is ment to anyone by this posting.



  • skeeter1

    One that gave money to followers when they came to the door.

    One with rock-n-roll band.

    One that related the bible to every day life.

    One that opened the financial books & records & meetings for all to see.

    Casual dress.

    Short, interesting discussions.

    ***************************************if that does not exist****************************************************

    Watching the sun set from Key West Florida every Sunday night.

  • gumby
  • parakeet

    The Church of Gumby. Now THAT'S scary.

  • gumby

    I already started one and so far these are all the followers i''ve got and I need some more......mostly concubines. Here's me lookin in the want ads for some pretty women folk

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