To kill an American

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  • Warlock


    I used to post on a Canadian board, and many, but not all were like that.


  • Confession
    word has it, the going rate is about half of what the infidels will pay for an ornery Brit forum owner.

    Good one, Lisa!

  • lola28

    I used to post on a Canadian board, and many, but not all were like that.

    I'm speechless and wow I feel kinda sick.


  • Beachbender

    Kid-A there`s bad people in every walk of life dude! we can`t help that fact!

  • Dave_T

    You're right, Beachbender, and I hope that Kid didn't mean to say that the American are responsible for what is shown on these (disgusting) pictures. Having said that, I think that the American should try and understand that many (most?) non-American are irritated by this kind of mantra: "Americans are the embodiment of the human spirit of freedom. Everyone who holds to that spirit everywhere, is an American." It's the kind of message we've heard for decades in movies and this brain-washing stuff's getting pretty tiring. While I find it horrifying that someone published in a newspaper an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, please, understand that this kind of nationalist cliché cannot move a non-American to tears (even though there are exceptions) and tend to irritate non-Americans. No offense meant.

  • Warlock

    Everyone has their stories and pictures of so called, and some truly are, "American Atrocities".

    The stories and the pictures that you will not hear and see are the real atrocities committed by other nations, like slave labor in China, beheadings in Iran, starvation in North Korea, false imprisonment and REAL torture in Cuba...... etc.

    There was a report on MSNBC from Lebanon last week about the bombing of innocent civilians.

    Of course, most people would wholeheartedly agree that, even done by accident, it is wrong.

    In one of the frames, when they went to commercial, there was a clear shot of a foot sticking out from beneath the rubble of a destroyed building. I have yet to see ONE body part of an American that was murdered on 911. I have yet to see a replay of people jumping out of the WTC. If I remember correctly, they stopped showing it because it was "too traumatic". I saw it anyway on Spanish T.V.

    Why? Because only Americans commit atrocities in this world, don't you see? And if they aren't committing them, they support those that do, can't you see? Everyone else is clean and pure as the driven snow.

    So now I ask you: What did the Kenyans do to become victims of a terrorist bombing?

    What did the Indians do, to become the latest victims of terrorism?

    What about those people in Bali?

    How about those beheading videos that came out a while ago? Were those beheadings not atrocities?

    Why do the terrorists attack, maim, and murder, but Americans are the only ones committing atrocities?

    Warlock (put that in your pipe and smoke it)

  • cruzanheart

    And the Americans in those photos have been tried and convicted for their crimes, as well they should be. Your point?

    Nina (an American of Greek, French, Welsh, German and Irish descendancy)

  • jeeprube

    What a wonderful way to explain the simple idea that virtually every American knows from birth or attainment of citizenship.

  • jeeprube

    If Canada was invaded tommorrow, America would be right there to defend her. Let the Canadians say what they want to about Americans, most of us are a pretty decent sort of people.

  • jeeprube

    I might also add that if it weren't for America, most of Europe would be speaking German right now.

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